and we are His: a handwritten post.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, friends. There are reasons and no reasons, at the same time. I didn’t plan on this post happening like this — unedited, untyped, profanity kept in. (is that enough of a warning?) But for now, it’s a start back, even if I seem to be circling old things still.


Life: Unmasked

I’m linking up with the Life: Unmasked series, in which we are invited to bring Light to the nitty-gritty.

Would you like to join?


15 thoughts on “and we are His: a handwritten post.

  1. I love the raw honesty here. I have written frustrated spiritual journal entries that look a lot like that. Sometimes the hardest post is the re-entry one…? I reckon you’ve done the hard part now, and I expect your muse to show up, all cheerful and ready to work in the next hour or two. 🙂

    Nice to meet you – I did Eng Lit as an undergrad and my blog is full of frustrated and imperfect musings that reach for God’s grace. It’s a comfort to know there are a few of us around. Xx

  2. I like the rawness and honesty of this post. Thank God for His small gifts through the day. Even in finding that teacup, He was reminding you that you are not a f*** up, but a beautiful daughter of His. How awesome is that?

  3. So, so happy to find some words scribbled out here, Antonia. It’s hard to know sometimes whether to press into those awkward, dark places, holding out hope to come through stronger, braver, more vulnerable, and when to just run to the light. I can relate to the flightiness and the longing to really know the things I already know deep, deep down in my bones. Yes, you belong, and have so much value, and we are all learning how to live in the promise here. Thanks for sharing this piece of your journey today.

    • “the longing to really know the things I already know deep, deep down in my bones.”

      yup. you said it. and sometimes I say to myself, “haven’t we done this before?”

      Thanks for reading, as always 🙂

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  5. you are wonderful and beautiful and of course, so is this–can’t wait to run up to you gushing when i force you into nerdily autographing the book you publish

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