what i’m into: november

I’m excited to join Leigh Kramer for her monthly What I’m Into synchroblog. It’s an excuse to talk about my obsessions, right? (and to life-creep on my favorite bloggers.) In the future, I will add as I go, but for now, I scramble to remember what even happened in the month of November.


  • Lomelda. All day, errday. Ok, well mostly in my car, which is my primary listening studio. But seriously. Listen to this band; I’ll definitely be writing about them soon.
  • And I made you a playlist of my newest listens on repeat. You’re welcome.


  • Acedia & Me by Kathleen Norris. Apparently I am behind in reading this book, but I am loving it. It’s been eye-opening, giving me a vocabulary to pray with.
  • Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. Haven’t had my hands on good fiction in a while. I love the way Russell weaves words. It’s magical. But I haven’t finished yet!
  • Paradiso by Dante. If you follow me on instagram, you know I love this poem. It’s my second time reading through it, but it feels sacred every time.



  • Frasier.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. [it’s EMBARRASSING how much I rewatch old episodes. But mostly because everyone keeps dying this season.]
  • Happy Endings.
  • THE MINDY PROJECT. OMG. Watch immediately.
  • as always, 30Rock. [Grey’s reference alert. I could get married on a post-it to 30Rock: “I will love you even when I hate you.” This show can seriously do no wrong.]

Wearing stuff:

  • Lipstick. I love wearing color, but keep it pretty basic cosmetic-wise. Then I realized my lips were like the final frontier for adding color to my daily ensemble. Rosewine by Revlon is a good go-to, Terre de Feu is vampy and wonderful. And also on my wishlist. $25 lipstick? sigh.
  • Scarves. All the time.
  • Brick-red-to-purple Essie nailpolish, by the unfortunate name of recessionista. This stuff is amazing; stays on for ages.
  • my gender-neutral hipster shoes. Even though I keep tripping over them.


  • Lula Jane’s opening on Elm Street in Waco. So. Obsessed. I have long complained that Waco lacks just a good ol’ bakery. Lula Jane’s is that and more. It’s my favorite place to bring my friends on dates these days.
  • Thanksgiving Break, and two jobs that allow me long holidays. I got to spend it with my dear longtime friend Alia, and her family. I don’t even have enough words to describe how much I love our friendship; Thanksgiving was a pretty typical, goofy snapshot of us. I’m glad that we have graduated from pre-instagram well-shaped mac-and-cheese to something more pinteresting.
  • Spontaneous cookie-cupcake emergency trips with mah girl Erica Wickett. We are so good for each other.

    Erica: Want a cupcake?
    Antonia: DONE. [starts packing to leave.]
    Andrew: Wait. Wait. You guys just decide you want to go get cupcakes, in the middle of a Tuesday?
    Antonia: Welcome to gap year life.

  • Spontaneous everything with Erica.
  • Breakfast appointments with the ever-wonderful Jerry Hodge. Even though we will be ditching the certain-unnamed downtown breakfast joint because their service makes Jerry check his real-person watch every 5 minutes.
  • Wonderful nutso conversations facilitated by the 10 different kinds of technology used to make that freakin’ ocean between Preston Yancey and me feel a little smaller.
  • Christmas decor happening around Common Grounds.
  • Rides to/from the airport. I’m convinced this is one of the best gifts you can give someone, and I have been graced with an unusual number of them this month.
  • My visit to Duke Divinity School. I’m applying; for now, that’s all I’ll say. Plus Durham is beautiful.
  • Visiting my wonderful family for a whirlwind trip to Santa Fe for my sister’s 15th (!!!) birthday. We had a blast in one of my favorite cities.

late-night diner giggles with sister & dad.


Mimi & mom: amazing women who made me who I am.


sister shot. 7 1/2 years & 5 1/2 inches apart.

What I wish I was into:

  • eating at home. Which would be more possible if I had
  • a regular schedule.
  • finishing books.
  • getting caught up on blogposts.
  • finishing anything.
  • tea.

It was a pretty jam-packed month. What are you into? Seriously. Please share in the comments.

Or link up a post of your own!

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16 thoughts on “what i’m into: november

    • Listen. I almost walked away the first episode of the season. And as I’ve been rewatching George’s death, I can only contrast to these most recent losses. Sigh, Shonda Rhimes.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. Antonia, I am so glad you linked up because I have identified eleventybillion things we must now bond over, including but limited to Blitzen Trapper (been crushing on their music a few years now), The Mindy Project, All The Books, and cupcakes. Also, I must take a moment to lament the fact that we did not get to randomly meet while I was randomly at Baylor. What are the freaking odds?!

  2. I’m into colored tights, apple cider, The Mindy Project (I am so glad you love it too!), and the beginning of winter coat season. I’ve spent my entire life in the northland, so I simply don’t know how those of you in the South mark the start of winter. Putting on my down coat this week for the first time was like greeting a (very snuggly) familiar friend 🙂 Happy Friday Antonia!

    • we don’t know how to mark winter, to be honest. I basically do a rain-dance of trying to make the weather change by wearing bundle-y clothes and baking things with nutmeg and gingerbread. But it was definitely 80 degrees at some point this week. I barely know what a down coat is. 😛

      I FORGOT COLORED TIGHTS. so great.

  3. Oh, thanks for the link love, friend. I think my most favorite part of this list is the “What I Wish I Was Into.” Cracked me up as I nodded in utter agreement. I’m totally embarrassed to admit I’ve been sucked into the slapstick-goofball comedy Spy on Hulu, and am living up my Christmas music 24/7 here – especially Friction Bailey and Sara Groves.

  4. I can never re-watch Frasier too many times – although I probably irritate people with the constant quoting! Haven’t seen any of the others but I hear good things about Happy Endings.
    Addie Zierman’s post and Annie Barnett’s were two of my favourites this month too. Nice to ‘meet’ you here. 🙂

    • Someone named Niles came into the coffeeshop I work at, and I asked him if he wanted cappuccino with a “whisper of cinnamon.” He was less than amused, even after I explained the reference. Happy endings is a must-watch, for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I hope you’ll write more about acedia & me when you finish it. I read it cover to cover, and learned a lot about myself from the fact that it didn’t resonate with me AT ALL. I guess that is not one of my many spiritual deficiencies.

    • ah well, there are at least 6 others to choose from, right? 😛

      I think the book is hitting me at an opportune/interesting time; I actually picked it up because acedia is big for Dante, and I was all YES I NEED MORE. Some parts have resonated more than others, definitely. I’d like to talk more about it when I’m done.

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