what i’m into, January.

heyheyhey! it’s that time again. I’m joining Leigh Kramer and friends in sharing this month’s happenings and obsessions. get excited.


  • So, I’m really sorry to introduce you to a group that is going to make your heart explode and maybe even your ears lust. But ohmygoodness listen to Penny and Sparrow immediately, particularly their album Tenboom. I just want to cry through all of their songs. Love love love.
  • I have been listening to the playlist the baristas at Common Grounds have compiled, and keep adding to. It’s been a great way to discover new music, including Penny and Sparrow. Subscribe and listen: CGwaco Staff Mix.
    • This video. Now.

offline reading:

  • My top recommendation lately has been The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. When I first heard about it, it seemed like the kind of book I would never read, and certainly never recommend. But OHMYGOODNESS heart explosions. Not only is it a brilliant story, it is beautifully written, and might even make you a better person by the end of it. It’s a gripping, addictive, and surprisingly soulful read.
  • The second part of the second part of the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas — the questions on caritas, or love we might know as agape. Reading him is good, difficult, slow work. Good medicine; good work on the mind grapes. Don’t worry, it’s for a class I’m auditing.
  • I’m also sitting in on a class on Theology and Art, with assorted weekly readings. This week: Marilynne Robinson, Graham Greene, and Francois Mauriac. I’ll work on linking to them as I can — it’s good stuff.


I mean. Wow. This is hard. There’s been a lot of good stuff happening, a lot of important conversations started. And one day I will actually save things as I love them, but for now, this is what I’m remembering, and what I shared elsewhere.


  • At the end of seven seasons, studio 6H is closing its doors. Tonight is the series finale of 30Rock, the show in which I found my spirit animal, Liz Lemon. Though I am sad to see it go, I am glad the show is ending on a good note.
  • Girls. Watch at your own risk, but Lena Dunham is a genius. F’real.
  • Best new discovery: The Yard, only on Hulu. It’s like Recess with real people. I know you’re skeptical, but really. These kids are amazing and hilarious and heartbreaking.
  • I mean, the usual. Happy Endings– totes brill, as Penny would say. Grey’s Anatomy– I will always love you, but I have no idea what to do with Owen and Christina these days. Mindy Project– I will now consider having a storage side of the bed. You would be the Indian baby of New Girl and 30Rock’s love affair. But falling closer to Liz Lemon’s tree.

things to wear:

  • Before I left New Mexico, I got to root around in my grandmothers jewelry chest and salvage bits and pieces of jewelry to fall in love with. It’s mostly Native American, some Mexican, mostly turquoise and coral and shell, but I would be just fine wearing bits of stone and earth for ages. I’m notsomuch a pearls and diamonds girl, but you probably could guess that already. The piece that’s gotten the most love this month is this amber ring. Never taking it off.amber


  • good old chick-flick movie nights with girls I’ve known all through college. There’s just something simple and good and right about this kind of thing in my life.
  • PRESTON YANCEY IN WACO IN MY LIFE. Plus the sheer power of the Jerry-Preston-Antonia trifecta reunited. And by power I mean we annoy the crap out of everyone nearby. But we are also the best. I really can’t even describe this well. And you don’t want me to, because I will start crying.
  • Erica’s hot water heater exploding. I mean, this is bad for her and all, but it means she’s crashing on my couch, and I LOVE IT too much. Maybe there are evil plans to permanently sabotage her hot water heater.
  • Getting asked to be a bridesmaid for my longtime friend Maggie’s wedding! Knowing this girl, it will be beautiful and quite the party. (and check out the couple’s website. whoasocute.)
  • And really, I’m loving these classes I’m auditing. I look forward to them every week. Here’s to time management.

what I wish I was into:

  • getting my life together. W-2’s? Windshield wipers? Oil change? Student Loans? Medical bills? Le sigh.
  • cooking more  than eating out (always), though it is getting better. But everything is topped with a fried egg. food blog? haha.
  • going to bed earlier than 1 am. I’m too old for that mess.

Your turn! What are YOU into, this January?

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6 thoughts on “what i’m into, January.

  1. Listening to Penny and Sparrow right now and loving. Great recommendation! I’m so glad you liked The Night Circus. I’m still telling everyone about it months later. That amber ring is amazing! You should definitely never stop wearing it. Gorgeous. Also, there’s nothing with adding fried eggs to one’s food. Last night, I made some rice, fried some bacon, mixed it together, and added TWO eggs on top. Call me crazy.

    I’m into this line: “Live every week like it’s Sex Week, internet.”

    Thanks for linking up!

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