the f-bomb synchroblog.

That’s right.


It’s a topic I’ve been dancing around behind the scenes for a while now: behind the scenes because, well, feminism is another f word in my neck of the woods, but for a while because I really have been walking around with feminism in my pockets for years, since before I was aware of it or knew how it intersected with my faith.

So. I am thrilled and terrified to announce that next week, I am joining in the three-day synchroblog cohosted by three amazing bloggers on the subject of feminism.


Prompts and links:

  • {Day 1} Feminism and Me: On Tuesday, February 26, link up at J.R. Goudeau’s blog,, and write about these questions: What is your experience with feminism? What’s a story or a memory or a person that you associate with that word? Why does it have negative or positive connotations for you? How do you define the term, either academically or personally? What writers have you read whose definitions you want to bring out? Or, if you don’t have a definition, what are some big questions you have?
  • {Day 2} Why It Matters: On Wednesday, February 27, link up at Danielle Vermeer’s blog,, and write about these questions: What is at stake in this discussion? Why is feminism important to you? Are you thinking about your children or your sisters or the people that have come before you? Or, why do you not like the term? What are you concerned we’re not focusing on or we’re losing sight of when we talk about feminism? Why do you feel passionately about this topic?
  • {Day 3} What You Learned: On Thursday, February 28, link up at Preston Yancey’s blog,, and write about these questions: What surprised you this week? What did you take away from the discussion? What blog posts did you find particularly helpful? What questions do you still have?

Be sure to read along as well as link up your own posts as they relate to one or all of these topics. It’s going to be big and messy and wonderful, and I can’t wait to see where the conversation leads.

Oh, and use #femfest when you’re talking about it on the Twitters.

So happy Wednesday, and here’s fair warning about the F bombs around here next week.



3 thoughts on “the f-bomb synchroblog.

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