why feminism matters, for me, for her, for him.

I need feminism for me.

Because I want to holler all kinds of praise for this behind-the-scenes (language warning) video from Nicki Minaj on gendered double standards and who women have to be. I hear the hurt in the voices of the kickass women in my past coming from a girl with a yard-high pink wig, and it’s still there for me, a daughter of their lineage.

Because no one will love a loud girl. (Because I choke up almost every time I read that post, reading myself in nearly every line.) Because for a woman to be funny and loud and smart in the way a man is somehow still off-putting at best, ugly at worst–unless she’s pretty enough to pull it off, of course.

I need feminism for her.

For the woman who wasn’t asking for it. For the woman who said no.

For the woman who dreams big.

For the woman who breastfeeds.

For the woman who is more than her hotness, her cleavage, her uterus. (Here’s a hint: it’s all of us.)

I need feminism for him.

Because when we put limits on who a woman can be, we limit who a man can be.

When it belongs to the woman’s domain to write poetry, to cook, to love babies and even raise them, to teach certain subjects, to make art of all kinds, to have tender hearts, to weep, to be thin, it means that to be or do these things as a man makes him less than, too.

We need “feminism” because advocating for women still makes you a feminist first, before Christian.

We need feminism because somehow it holds some of the loudest voices for justice for the captive, the widow, the orphan– men and women alike

We need feminism because why do we need feminism? is still a question.


There are thousands more words to say– today’s post is in broad strokes, obviously, but ohmygoodness please do yourself a favor and head over to the link-up in Danielle’s space today (and read her own AMAZING POST) and see what other people have written. These have been some of the most amazing posts I’ve ever read, and they certainly deserve your attention.


15 thoughts on “why feminism matters, for me, for her, for him.

  1. Broken link sadface 😦 I want to read that post about loud girls. Feel free to email it to me (no FB please, gave it up for Lent) if that’s easier. Thanks Antonia, and congratulations on Duke!

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