what i’m into, february.


ALL THE ELLIE GOULDING. and, (don’t hate):




offline reads:

  • Have I told you I’m loving Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist? I. am. addicted. to this book. I think I said somewhere once that I crave it like comfort food. It’s about food, it’s not just about food, it’s all about food. It’s about me. I’m halfway in and in love. And wanting to cook all the things. Since I magically got an advanced reader’s copy, you kids can’t read it for a while, so I realize all this raving is a little unfair. But you should get it the minute it comes out, on April 9th.
  • Still reading about caritas from Aquinas. Last week, we read the first two questions about the inward effects of love: joy and peace. I’m excited to read about mercy (misericordia) this week; mercy keeps coming up for me as a theme lately.
  • Recently we have been reading selections from Tolkien’s Tree and Leaf for the Theology and Art class I have also been auditing. I think everyone, especially those of you interested in stories, what makes a story (or art in the wider sense) “Christian,” his famous essay “On Fairy-Stories” is essential to read as part of that conversation. Seriously. I’m buying the full collection of essays, and if you would like to have a copy of “On Fairy-Stories,” email me. I can hook you up. Seriously.
  • With all of this heady soul-stretching stuff, I am glad to be reading a solid, challenging, but more laid back devotional companion to Lent: Lent for Everyone: A Daily Devotional, Luke, Year C.  by N.T. Wright. He always sends you out with a prayer and meditation for the day, which I need desperately.
  • We have also been reading through Luke in my Sunday School class at St. Paul’s. LUKE IS MESSING ME UP, YA’LL. Also, I thought that made a good excuse to go ahead and purchase the commentary of Luke written by one of my favorite and most legit professors, David Lyle Jeffrey. The things I love about this commentary so far are the things I loved about him as a teacher: it is challenging, lyrical, serious, beautiful, gracious.


  • Speaking of which, everything by Connor Park so far. Somehow I missed that he’s new to the scene [??] and this guy’s stuff is amazing, especially his #femfest posts. Don’t worry, it’ll be easy to get caught up; he’s only been blogging since January. DO IT.
  • um, #femfest? seriously. It seems like everyone came out with their best content for this synchroblog, and I truly encourage you to read as many posts as you can. I was blown away by the thought and care and intelligence and grace this event gathered, truly. Read: day 1, day 2, day 3. READ.
  • guys, February really brought it in the online community. I know I haven’t linked to everything. le sigh. you are all just too awesome.


  • COMMUNITY. ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I finally got into it while I was so sick this month [see below]. I am obsessed. So many genius episodes. (I texted Erica that I was “addicted to Community,” which she read as something like “addicted to Communion” at first. Which is funny, considering my life.)
  • you know, the usual: Mindy Project, Happy Endings, Grey’s, Girls. Working on getting caught up.

to wear:

  • Shellac. The minute after I found out I was not to be working in a coffeeshop any more [see below] I ran out to get a manicure in Tiger Blossom, BECAUSE I COULD. I can’t remember the last time I did this; I must have been seven on a mommy-daughter date or something. It was glorious. And it still is, eight days later. Magic.
  • I bought this sassy iPad case for a fraction of the price [thanks, Marshall’s]. I’m in love.
  • Earlier in the month, I got to participate in a Mary Kay makeover party as one of Maggie’s bridesmaids!  I remember Mary Kay from my mom’s consulting days long ago, but it was amazing discovering the line all over again. MK has a really empowering, healthy approach to makeup and beauty; we had such a good time telling about each other’s beauty. Seriously, find a local consultant: they are awesome about helping and not pressuring you. And I sincerely love their products.


this is the section that gives me whiplash. hold on to your hats.

  • the month started with a quick trip up to Dallas to see White Rabbit, Red Rabbit by the Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour. My bestie, Alia, who is also Iranian, co-produced the show in Uptown after studying with Nassim a few summers ago. Let me just tell you. I do not do postmodern anything. But usually especially not theater. However, this decidedly postmodern production was one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had. The very way the show is performed–each night a cold reading by a different actor–is itself terrifying and amazing. The whole thing is mesmerizing compelling. I cannot tell you any more because it would absolutely ruin it, but you should check in your area to see if the show is going up in your area. There’s a fair chance it’s nearby. (here’s a great write up about the Dallas production.)
  • Plus, the rest of that visit with Alia. We have been friends pretty much since the third day of eighth grade in 2003 when we met at our adjacent lockers. She apologized at not welcoming me, the new kid, to the school earlier. I sobbed all the way home because it was one of the first times in four years a peer had made me feel like a person. We’ve been having mad adventures ever since. (And she’s had that naturally hospitable spirit ever since.) So, this, our 10th year of friendship, is an excuse to make toasts at every turn. We’re pretty good at celebrating things.

Tate’s. She got the front porch lemonade, I got a gimlet. Click to drink menu.

Hypnotic Donuts. They are insane. I’ve had dreams about that bacon-honey-peanut butter doughnut in the bottom left.

sometimes things get dramatic.

  • I FINALLY MET ELORA RAMIREZ. The nice thing about Waco is that you can pop north or south and see great people. And Elora is one of them. There was falafel and love and laughter all around. She’s pretty much a fantastic human.
  • [this is NOT something I’m into, but it happened: the Great Tooth Abscess Debacle. I won’t scare you with the details, but the moral of the story is floss. all. the. time. Or you will get pregnant, and die. Just kidding, but you could spend an absolutely miserable four days in bed. Possibly the worst sickness of my life.]
  • um, so. I got into Duke Divinity School?? I got the call on a Friday afternoon after everyone had left the office–Durham’s area code popped up on my phone and I died. I tried to play it cool but still sound excited on the phone. And then I died some more. And then I was COMPLETELY blown away by the uproar of congratulations after this happened:
    perfect timing

    perfect timing.

    I’ve been blown away ever since. The support and heartfelt well-wishing has made me tear up every time.

  • [another thing I’m not into, but happened: I’m not working as a barista any more. I truly only have curse words for how unjust and ridiculous my removal was. All I’ll say about that for now is tell you to watch this video again.]
  • Wedding scheming with Maggie Emerson. TWO MONTHS yo.
  • Saturday Farmer’s Market with Maggie Holland. That girl is brilliant and lovely.
  • Run-ins with Teal Dodrill, whose heart is equal parts sass and love.
  • Drinking this while Google-Hangout-ing (how do I verb this?) with fantastic people late at night. The internet is magic, ya’ll. So is this drink. All the win.

what I wish I was into:

  • I saw three different things about John Green pop up around the internet recently. Plus if half the people in my program (aka Caroline and Preston) are telling me to read something, I should read it. Fault in Our Stars it is.
  • paying my taxes already. I am not a person.
  • getting my hair to a level of punk-rock that I am satisfied with. I just want all the pink in my hair, guys.


I don’t think you knew how serious I was about Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into Link-up until this post. But I love sharing this stuff with you guys. This is some of the day-to-day overflow that matters to me, and I want you to know about it. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Your turn! what was February like for YOU? what were you reading/listening to/eating/wearing/doing?


11 thoughts on “what i’m into, february.

  1. Antonia, we’re into a lot of the same stuff – or we have a lot of the same brilliant friends! Thanks for including me in your link up. I’m going to be writing a lot more about adoption in the coming season… fasten your seatbelt! Congrats on Duke, seriously, that is marvelous!

    • I’m excited to read more, Kelley. Adoption has been on my mind and heart lately. I’m trying to figure out what it means for me, as this stage of life puts me light-years away from considering that for myself. Thanks for the congrats! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you take this seriously! I LOVE your What I’m Into posts. And now is the time for me to write All The Things in response:
    1. Don’t hate me but I feel meh about Ellie Goulding. I want to like her, I do. Maybe I’ll give her another chance.
    2. I too crave Bread & Wine. It is such a delicious bit of comfort. That happens to make me drool while I read all of her food descriptions in bed before I go to sleep. It’s got me thinking about my community (the good, the bad, and the ugly) here in a whole other light.
    3. Thanks for linking to my post!
    4. I couldn’t pull myself together to participate in #femfest but I loved the posts I read. Good discussion.
    5. Those donuts look amazing. I need them now.
    6. I’m still so excited Duke accepted you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. I had no idea you and Elora hadn’t hung out before. Y’all should do that more often.
    8. I want to do some Hang-outing with you and other fine folks sometime soon.
    9. So sorry to hear about the barista badness. I don’t know what happened but I am righteously indignant on your behalf.
    10. Fault in our Stars. YES. You must read it. So good. Heartbreaking, poignant, true.

    • I liked Ellie’s second album better. No judgement.

      I am seriously planning my road trip to NC to include TN. Freal.

      I will only refer to that incident as the Barista Badness now. Thank you.

      I like you a lot, Leigh Kramer.

      • You just keep me posted on when you’ll be passing through! That will be the best thing ever. You’re more than welcome to crash at my place and I’ll take you to some of my favorite haunts and we will both write about it in that month’s What I’m Into post. 😉

  3. I love the What I’m Into posts – such a fun way to get a better glimpse into someone’s personality and life! February has been busy for you apparently 🙂
    That Tolkein book sounds fascinating…

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