what i’m into, March.


the ladies with weird symbols in their names take the music cake this time around, ya’ll.

Emeli Sandé. This girl can saang. You might have heard “Next to Me” on the radio, but this whole album is gold.

and OH MAN. Anaïs Mitchell. Word. Seth Haines wouldn’t shut up about her on Twitter, and I’m glad. She is a storyteller with just a haunting voice. Finding literary allusions in her music is a fun game; and the folk-opera rendering of the myth of Orpheus is just breathtaking:

offline reads:

  • honestly? not much besides class things. But? I think Thomas Aquinas’s Question on Acedia in 2a2ae of the Summa Theologica should be handed out with Kathleen Norris’s Acedia & Me. Last week’s reading and discussion made me weep from truth: both the facing of my own sin, as well as hope for finding a way out.
  • [also, still reading Shauna Niequist’s Bread & Wine. I’m resisting finishing this book, because I always want there to be another chapter. Look for some reflections and reactions on it soon!]
  • [also also: re-reading Lauren Winner’s Still. Because my heart needs it again. So. That.]


*pops knuckles.* here we go:

  • for grace in darkness and broken fragments and words we don’t have, Kiefer’s loss.
  • for any of you in or anticipating a “between space,” Connor’s Gap Season.
  • for those ashamed of the stupid things Christians sometimes do, but fiercely believe in the good news of Christ, Rachel’s Ashamed. And for those who can’t seem to shake the doubt this season, her Holy Week for Doubters.
  • for when “just give me Jesus” doesn’t seem to be enough, Addie’s God-Shaped Hole.

just-good clicks:

  • My friend Dylan’s tumblr, which is a strange-amazing combination of leather craft and beautiful photography. One of my favorites:

by Dylan Washington


  • Mindy Project is stealing my heart, still.
  • Ok, maybe I haven’t written off Grey’s like I thought I would.
  • I haven’t watched the final episode of 30Rock yet (denial), but I’m considering starting the series over and slowly watching them all again. (withdrawals).
  • FINALLY started watching Arrested Development for the first time. Oh. My. Word.
  • Not TV, but I saw Silver Linings Playbook, and now I understand the hype. So good.

to wear:

  • Essie’s tart deco. aka my favorite coral nail polish. [currently on the lookout for the perfect topcoat. tell me yours in the comments?]
  • I know I’ve talked up Mary Kay a lot to the point of my mom [in all seriousness] asking me if I had secretly become a consultant. But I’m honestly that in love. Their Sunset lipstick is a great deep-pink-to-coral go-to and magically fits with whatever you’re wearing. I’ve never understood blush as a product until I found their cream blush, and I use their cream eye color every day because it’s so natural and fresh and doesn’t come off. I’ve just started using their skin care line, and so far, so good.
  • I know I’ve posted this lipstick before, but I just wanted to let you know that Sephora’s Royal Raspberry still works in springtime. And is still fabulous. I know you were worried.
  • Coral. Teal. Yellow. Repeat.
  • This cheapo-but-fabulous satchel from Target. Internet, if you can find me a replica of this that will not fall apart in 3 wears, lemme know.



  • Started taking care of my hair for the first time since like, graduation. Cut, color, health. [Thinking of doing something drastic. Stay tuned.]
  • Watching all the Vatican action at the office. Pretty sure I have a Pope Crush. Am I allowed to say that?
  • Erica‘s solo show at the Croft Art Gallery on Austin in Waco. (Confusing, I know.) She is so, so talented. She is a thoughtful, process-oriented painter, and it is amazing to hear her talk about her work, and to see other people enjoy it. Watch out, world.
  • taking blog pics with Maggie Emerson-soon-be-Griffin! check out my About page. You’ll see the one that beat out this gem:

death vignette.

  • did a bit of pup-sitting over spring break:

Gus (miniature Schnauzer puppy) & Bandit (full-grown German Shepherd/Chow).
Craziest, sweetest week ever.

  • I got to meet Christy and Dan McFerren! Such a sweet and soul-good time talking with them, in Waco of all places. Love it.
  • Inspired by Bread & Wine, not to mention two of my besties who are gifted at hospitality (coughPreston&Aliacoughcough) I decided to gather people I love around my table a few times this month (and I wrangled Alia into popping down to the Wac to help out/make the most brilliant seafood risotto of my life. I’m even too extroverted to cook alone. Help meeeee.) I hope to keep bringing friends together while I’m still in Waco. It’s one of my favorite things, but I find it takes practice, as a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl. I’m paying attention to what it means to create safe and welcoming space.


    blurry snapshots are the best.

  • I rediscovered my love for midweek Eucharist at St. Paul’s. It’s a beautiful time to re-center, to show up with expectation, to quiet down for once. And the scenery doesn’t hurt:

Chapel of the Four Sisters.
St. Paul’s, Waco TX

  • This year, I was fortunate to spend all of Holy Week with St. Paul’s. It was so good to be able to participate in the same space with the same people all week–leaning into the darkness, washing one another’s feet, sitting in doubt, waiting for the Alleluia-shout. By the time Easter Vigil happened on Holy Saturday, I was a nervous wreck for the anticipation. It is the most beautiful, most mysterious, most-questions-rightly-unanswered liturgy of the year. I exhort anyone who has never attended to do so next year: I know at least Episcopalians/Anglicans and Catholics do it, check it out.
  • Made a couple more trips to Dallas to visit this girl:https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/544229_10151509014538466_1339085475_n.jpg
  • …including Easter. Such a fun, short trip. I am a big fan of Alia’s tribe, which I think speaks a lot of her. They know how to feast and how to invite people into their world, which can be difficult for an age bracket that can tend to be self-centered and defensive. Erica was able to join later in the evening when things were dying down, but we headed back to Alia’s new pad above a gallery in Oak Cliff. It was so fun to spend a touch of time with these two immensely talented ladies from different spheres of my life. I’m immensely blessed to have them.
    • so, this is happening:

…maybe I lost my $h!t in the middle of a seedy movie theater rest area in Waco. It’s fine. I’m so, so thrilled to be joining that team. I have long admired the way of the Deeper Story/Church/Family community, to say the least.

what I wish I was into:

  • Providing you with quotes from each of the recommended links.
  • getting up the gumption to join the church-gym in town with a friend.
  • having a camera.
  • going back to before I was a coffee snob. Since I don’t work in a coffee-shop anymore, my taste should have gone backwards again, right? wrong. it’s terribly inconvenient. looking into investing in a Chemex system, which is not terribly outrageous, all things considered.
  • hardcore researching scholarship $$$.
  • actually downsizing, rather than throwing out a box of stuff but then somehow filling up my life with new stuff. le sigh.
  • figuring out how to live in North Carolina. I alternate between obsessive research and putting my head in the sand.


Linking up today with Leigh’s What I’m Into series, which I love.

Your turn! What are you reading/wearing/doing/loving?

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17 thoughts on “what i’m into, March.

  1. I love so many of the posts you highlighted. And having lived in NC for almost 10 years (I don’t know how that happened), I still don’t know how to live here. Just pad your desk with a few pillows to protect for the many headdesk moments.

  2. I’m sorry. You haven’t watched Arrested Development before?!?!?! Does. not. compute.

    I am not a Mary Kay fan but I might be trying that eye cream because it is straight up what I’ve been searching high and low for. Long-lasting but still OK for contact-wearers. Glory be! If you can find a nice plum nail polish, please let me know. I have no top coat recommendations. I just buy one and hope it works. I cannot wait to hear about the pending drastic hair change!

    How did I miss the announcement you’re joining Deeper Church?!?!?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You’re a worthy addition to the team.

    Side/sad note: half the pictures aren’t showing up on this post. So I’m using my imagination.

  3. While it’s a shame that you have only just discovered Arrested Development, it’s good that you discovered it before next month. Because that will be 100% of what I’m into in May.

    Also, thanks so much for mentioning my post. You’re a doll.

  4. YO!

    Thanks for the shout out! But even more so, I’m glad that you have found a kindred love for Mitchell. Whoa… that lady… she’s legit. Why we build the wall is quickly becoming one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time, which is really saying something. I’m not sure if it has officially unseated A.A. Bondy’s “Black Rain,” Patty Griffin’s “Mary,” or Rich Mullins’ “Land of my Sojourn,” but it’s in that group.

    Excited to see your work at DC. Really excited.

  5. Ok, my takeaway from all that is

    1) You’re on with A Deeper Church now. YES!
    2) You’re just now getting around to watching Arrested Development. Really? How is this possible? Next you’ll say you haven’t seen Firefly yet…
    3) You’re reading cool things like Aquinas that would make my head explode if I tried to read it during weekdays after work…and maybe on weekends, too.

    • 1) yes! So excited!

      2) twiddles thumbs.

      3) I fell in love with Aquinas a few years ago. I am far more naturally drawn to mystics and poetics, but Aquinas is yet an essential saint for me. BUT it took/takes practice and guidance, like reading Shakespeare.

    • I’m considering putting the whole Summa on my bucket list. Sigh. Too many things to read. And I sold have been watching AD all along. Just saying.

      And heythanks! Things are pretty interesting around here lotsa times. Glad to have run into you during #femsfest, Esther 🙂

  6. Antonia, I have just discovered Anais Mitchell as well! I can’t stop listening to Hadestown. It’s captivating in a way nothing I’ve listened to in a long time has been.

    I think, when I read some things that you have posted, that maybe you are ahead of me on a journey, and I am shading my eyes and squinting to see you up there. So thanks for waving, even if you thought you were just pointing.


  7. Kind of late to the party (just found your blog today, and I’m so glad I did), but I just had to get real excited about an amazing nail polish topcoat that I just started using—Dries Instantly by Sally Hansen. Pretty self-explanatory, but every time I use it, people ask me if I have had my nails professionally done. Totally amazing, and my polish doesn’t chip at all.

    It’s fun to find someone else who loves all things theology, pop culture, and makeup. 🙂


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