what i’m into, April.

Linking up again with Leigh Kramer to share the stuff I’ve been listening to/reading/wearing/doing/all that jazz in the month of April. I love these fun posts, and I hope you do, too. Enjoy!


This month’s music goes to the hipster live shows I was able to attend during April. Somehow, Waco manages to bring in a bunch of great music on a pretty regular basis. Surprising, I know. (mostly it’s because we’re smack dab between Austin and Dallas, but.)

David Ramirez

  • David Ramirez. If you’ve been paying attention to these posts, you know I love this guy. I’m so excited his new EP comes out next week, and I have loved listening to singles as he releases them on youtube. One of the new ones is The Forgiven, which is worth a listen if you’re inclined to think about singing redemption songs, so to speak. Friends and Family gets me thinking of the messiness of Church, and the people closest to us. Findthe Light is the blessing I desperately want to sing over everyone I love.

    Lomelda. // Waco Life.

  • Lomelda. Again, you should know by now I love these insanely talented peeps. They sing a lot of dying songs, but there’s an underlying hope in Resurrection threaded in, if you pay attention. I prayed a lot with the song “Darkness” on this album in the fall, and think it should be part of the Kathleen Norris-Aquinas bundle I hand to people when I want to talk about acedia.
  • Marmalakes. These guys arebased out of Austin, and are a trip to watch perform. Their recorded stuff is pretty rad, too. Folksy-pop fun.
  • Ancient Cat Society. I’ve been a fan of Haley Barnes’s voice for a long time now, and really like of this funny-named music project she’s a part of. Here’s a fun song from them:

offline reads

  • More Aquinas. Duh. This week is the end of that class, and I am SO sad about it. It has been crazy how well the topics in class (schism, unity, and scandal) have coincided with much of the things happening on the interwebs lately. Thomas would have shut a bunch of this mess down, yo.


  • ok, these two aren’t blogposts, but must-listens. I’ve shared homilies from St. Paul’s before, but these you absolutely must listen to (they’re short, because Episcopal, haha.): this first one is from Fr. Chuck, the Sunday after the week everything seemed to fall apart. As Chuck points out, the lectionary readings were mysteriously just right for such a week, and he beautifully and graciously ties the loose ends together.  This second one was from Amma Erin Jean, on college Sunday. With humor and love, she speaks peace and hope for those in transition. I’ll be holding on to both of these.
  • My C-Word: An Introduction, by Tina Francis if you carry baggage with the word “Christian” (yeah, spoiler). Particularly if you find yourself between traditions.
  • Jesus, This Week, by the Onion (lots of swears warning), if you needed a cry-laugh over that Terrible Week.
  • The Place that Shapes Me, by Sarah Bessey, if you feel called to stay put [or even if you don’t. just read this now please.]

I count all of the above proof that the internet is still a good place to be. and this is the edited version, ya’ll.


  • As part of my love of The Mindy Project and since this perfectly describes my life (also I really like that best friends are like cake): http://southofsunset.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/best-friend.png
  • The wonderful Esther Emery left this beautiful comment around these parts, and this image has been my background ever since. (and yes I realize the image is of the sun but-that-is-what-I-had-to-work-with-at-the-time so you can just deal):



  • The Mindy Project‘s “my cool Christian boyfriend” episode. THE BEST. Maybe I should be offended, but I don’t even care.
  • I realized that I was behind on Happy Endings which is a TRAVESTY. Still working on catching up. I do NOT understand why Fox won’t let us watch it on the iPad, because that is the whole problem.
  • I finally finished ALL of Frasier–it’s taken about a year. (If Will & Grace or M*A*S*H ever come to Netflix, I’m doomed.) So, naturally, I’m going backwards into Cheers.

to wear:

  • Kerfuffle nail polish by Butter. This stuff is….OK. I know people who swear by Butter polish, but while I LOVED the pinky-coral color, I had a hard time not streaking it. Somehow, I got best results using a matte topcoat. I also realized I’m not much into pastels, though I secretly wish I was. All in all, not worth the price.
  • HEB’s nail polish brand, Orchid. I’m so upset I’m just now discovering this in my last months in Texas.
  • Revlon’s matte topcoat polish (drugstore). In LOVE. Lasts longer, doesn’t crackle. Depends on what shade you use it with, ’cause it can look chalky, but I put it on top of a bright red and it looked great.
  • Revlon’s Ultimate Suede lipstick, in Finale. Listen. It’s drugstore-cheap, but Revlon does lipstick right. Great pigment, low maintenance. I’m a fan of this red that’ll take me into summer (it’s also what I’m wearing in my blog pic! check it.)
  • Somehow I became the person who has all gold accessories. We’ll see how long this lasts.
  • I found this great cardigan that I cannot find a picture of in bright chartreuse, and I’ve been wearing it nonstop (good thing I got it out of my system because temperature’s rising, ya’ll.) Here’s a pretty close color match: https://i2.wp.com/blog.myinsidesign.com/files/2012/08/chartreuse.png


  • before the week from hell began, Alia and I made a beautiful brunch for her family. Brunch always wins, ya’ll.


    Keeping up with the Tavakolians.

  • Caroline came to Waco, and wrapped things in inappropriate venues:



  • I visited Duke Div for admitted students day! [after Shaney OHSO generously took me to the airport before God was awake. I mean. WHOA.] It was definitely reassuring to hear about the program again, and to meet some of my fellow incoming first-year classmates. It’s crazy how I feel like the program has become an even better fit since I visited in the Fall. I’m all kinds of nervousexcited to see where things go in the years to come.

    Duke Chapel, right next to the Div school. That thing is TALL.

  • On that trip, I was able to meet up with some of you lovely internet folk IRL, including the crazytalented Kiefer and the thoughtful, gracious Anna. The funny and humbling thing about real-life meetings is the clumsiness that entails. Between confused meetup times and drinks accidentally paid for, it all got really real, real fast. But putting faces and hugs to @twitterhandles is one of my favorite things, and makes all of this cray worthwhile. [[and I am SO MAD we did not get instagram evidence, guys. ugh.]]
  • UM HELLO, my friends Dianna and Preston ARE WRITING BOOKS AND THEN THEY WILL BE PUBLISHED AND THEN EVERYONE WILL READ THEM AND THEY ARE GETTING PAID TO DO THAT. ok, basically that is my crazy-excited way of freaking out about their wonderful news. Put both of them on your reading list, folks. CHANGING THE WORLD.
  • AND WHILE I AM YELLING ONE OF MY BESTIES GOT ENGAGED! Cannot even deal. I am SO thrilled for Jerry and Elliott (you can call her Ellzbellz, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in favor of that.) I could just explode with all the squeals I have about it, but I’ll let you WOW over this picture instead:

    I mean. I have attractive friends, guys. Good thing they are both top-notch humans as well. // photo totally stolen from Jerry’s fb.


  • Lots of love for my church, St. Paul’s, this month. This week was a series of send-offs and blessings for those of us in the college-ish ministry graduating and/or leaving Waco. I have been so blessed by the community at St. Paul’s and by the open arms of the student center this year. Sunday was a kind of last-hurrah, while the Tuesday night Eucharist service included a closer time of prayer and commissioning. It has all truly been a wonderful gift.

    the ‘leaving’ group. // stolen from @reverinjean’s instagram feed.

  • This was also the month that I made a decision that was in a lot of ways a long time coming, but transpired very quickly: I’m to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church, as part of the worldwide Anglican communion on Cinco de Mayo! #awesomelyappropriate. I’m glad to be able to reaffirm my faith with my friends around me, and to acknowledge the growth I have gone through in the past few years, as well as the community in which I was able to do so. Cheers! 

what I wish I was into:

  • being on time. anywhere.
  • taking the plunge and chopping off all my hair. yeeeeep.


Your turn! What are you reading/wearing/doing/loving?

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15 thoughts on “what i’m into, April.

  1. So fun – and comprehensive! I’m an all silver accessories girl – save a rose gold watch from Fossil with jeweled bezel. I’ve been catching late night episodes of Big Bang Theory, really funny. Also Iron Chef. Preston and Nish got me into Big Love – but can’t afford the habit, as I can’t find it free anywhere. Love the lip color on you, btw. Fun stopping by and catching up!

    • can you tell I really like these posts? 😉

      I swore I would never wear gold in my life, but it crept up on me. I don’t know who I am anymore. I LOVE Big Bang Theory, and want to get back in the habit of watching again. Side eye at Big Love…but I’m sure I’ll soon be obsessed. That’s how these things usually go, haha.

      Thanks for stopping in, Kelley!

  2. So sorry to hear about the terrible events near Waco. Hope and pray that the community is recovering as well as they can now.
    You’ve got so many great links here Antonia – should keep me busy for awhile! Also – Frasier – one of the all time greatest comedies! 🙂

    • Thanks for those prayers. Central Texas especially is trying to discern how best to move forward with long-term relief efforts.

      Enjoy those posts! I’m pretty proud of this round-up, even though it’s quite long. Good stuff happening.

      thanks for coming through!

  3. I am SO GLAD you posted one of these, I didn’t have anything to list for the last one, but I definitely have some now. Music- have you heard of the Wailin’ Jennys? They have such lovely harmonies and beautifully written songs. Offline reads- Flannery O’Connor. Just finished a collection of her short stories. I was delighted to find (via the introduction) that she corresponded with Thomas Merton, another author I admire. I love those serendipitous moments 🙂 TV- Three words- Call. The. Midwife. SO GREAT. I also loved Mindy’s My Christian Boyfriend episode. I mean, I love all the episodes, but that was pretty great. And New Girl has been going better than I expected; I thought the Nick-and-Jess thing was going to ruin it, but they’re handling it well. I’ve finished watching all of Parks and Rec on Netflix and haven’t decided what to move on to next. Oh, and they better do a good job with ending The Office. Finally, clothes- I just joined StichFix, and I was so excited to get my first delivery yesterday. I’m keeping 2 of my 5 items, which isn’t bad for a first try. I also have a bunch of clothes that I ordered from Boden (on sale, because Boden can be pricey) last week which I am excited to receive this week. Clearly there are a lot of things I am into 🙂

    • looking up Wailin’ Jennys right away.

      LOVE FLANNERY. She is one of my all-time favorite authors, and a kind of patron saint as well. I’m looking to get into her letters this summer (a few more stories couldn’t hurt, either…)
      Parks and Rec + Call the Midwife (along with Arrested Development) are among the shows everyone keeps telling me I’ll love. Maybe I need to start paying attention!
      I’ve never heard of either of those shopping sites, but they look like fun!

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Dying to know what you think about the Wailin’ Jennys. If you need a place to start, look up One Voice and Storm Comin’ on Youtube. Love.

        A word of warning about StitchFix- it is a great service and I would recommend it, but it’s also a little pricey. Their business model fits me perfectly because I don’t like shopping, particularly when I don’t know what exactly I’m looking for, but it’s on the upper end of what I’m willing to pay for clothes. If you read their FAQ their average item price is $75; the two items I kept from my shipment were a $50 blouse and an $80 dress, which is a lot for someone who has more than a few Goodwill shirts! I’m planning to use StitchFix again because it’s convenient and it helps me get out of the boring clothes I tend to pick for myself, but I’ll be keeping them as an occasional wardrobe pick-me-up, not as the way I buy the majority of my clothes. Email me if you want a referral code- their service is in beta so I think having a code rather than signing up cold like I did bumps you up the list faster (plus I get a $25 referral credit :-)) Boden can be pricey too, but their stuff is well made (LOVE their dresses) and when it’s on sale it’s definitely worth the money. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Definitely checking out your music recommendations…I haven’t had a new musical obsession for a while, so it’s time to do some exploring. ALSO – I HATE Fox’s weird online viewing limitations. It’s the whole reason that I had to entirely give up on being caught up on New Girl or Happy Endings this year. I suspect I will have to subscribe to Hulu+ for one month this summer to get caught up on all.the.shows.

    Thanks also for the sweet mention. I have a lot of Christian concert baggage too.

  5. All the good music! I haven’t had much time to listen to new stuff this past month so I’m looking forward to checking out a couple of these. Huzzah! Laughed out loud almost every page of The Bloggess’s book. A little awkward at the coffee shops at time. But hey. It’s a good book. Thank you for linking to my post!

    WOW DUKE. I’m so excited for you! And excited about your confirmation. What a lovely step to take. I always love your nail polish and lipstick suggestions. I don’t wear enough of either to justify trying them all but I do take notes. I want to hear more about this “chopping off of the hair” business. It can be liberating. 3 years ago I chopped off 17 inches, right before I moved to Nashville. I loved it for a week and then I wanted my long hair back. But I really think that’s because I’ve gone back and forth between long and short so many times that I now know I prefer myself with long hair. Even though a friend told me I should try a pixie cut the other day. I was all, NO. And then…maybe? someday?

    • [[I actually haven’t listened to a lot of new things, therefore the live show default. 😉 and enjoy!]]

      Thanks for all that excitement, friend. I’m excited, too. There’s probably no justification for me trying all the nail polish and lipstick, either, haha.

      YOU COULD TOTALLY PIXIE IT UP. just saying. I don’t really like the long hair on myself–it looks sad about 5 minutes after I style it and just kinda lays there. all sad. need the gumption. and the proper hairstylist.


  6. I would add “The Lone Bellow” to your listening if you like the Jenny’s, they’re a little less mellow than the Jenny’s. Also as for Hans Boersma, he takes a little wrestling, even in his teaching, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him talk and I’ll be taking some classes with him this upcoming year, all this to be said, fear not in the wrestling, many wrestle and some still walk away disagreeing. On the topic of wrestling, be prepared to wrestle during your MDiv, it has been the scariest part of the degree and also the most life giving for me.

    • Lone Bellow added to the queue, thanks! As for wrestling, I don’t fear it in the same way I might have once. You’re right, it’s difficult and life-giving all at the same time–I anticipate conviction and struggle in the years to come, but am oddly energized at the prospect.

      I guess wouldn’t call my interaction with the “Heavenly Participation” text wrestling in the deepest sense, only so far as I’m not sure I buy all of his arguments on an intellectual level, though I am wholeheartedly committed to the project of that book, as I see it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jenn, and hello from a fellow [soon-to-be] MDiv-er. 🙂

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