what I’m into, May.


This month, the college priest at St. Paul’s did a lot of traveling, so I made her a Spotify mixtape. And I am pretty proud of it, as evidenced by my non-stop listening:

…when I wasn’t streaming Vampire Weekend’s new album. must buy soon.

I’m also really liking this Spotify playlist:

offline reads:

I just want to read all the things (I especially need some more saints in my life this summer), but my schedule and inattention are making that difficult. New additions to the list of books I’m in the middle of are When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams (I keep thinking I don’t like it, but then think about passages for DAYS), and A Swiftly Tilting Planet by L’Engle. They were finds at the used bookstore where I was trying to dump off books. Oops.


  • “I’m the girl who always wants the voice from heaven reassurance. I’m the girl who expects Him to say it loud and say it obvious, a gold star on my forehead at the end of each day, an answer when I worry.” [From to grow wings, by Hilary]
  • “I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve left a one-sided conversation with an acquaintance and thought 1) they wanted me to be their non-paid therapist and 2) they didn’t ask me one question- I never got to catch the ball. It’s no wonder I leave those people feeling depleted.” [From One Good Phrase: Conversation is Like…, Leigh at Micha’s].
  • “There are mystics on my bookshelf. Reformation thinkers. Roman Catholics. Eastern Orthodox. Jews. // I am trying to make my heart look like my bookshelf. I am trying to cobble together enough fragments of those who have encountered Him that at the end of all things I may say that though I have not seen in full, I have seen in myriad part.” [From when i am listening for a common language, by Preston.]
  • “And that’s the most frustrating thing about depression. It isn’t always something you can fight back against with hope.” [From Depression Part Two at Hyperbole and a Half. so much aching truth here, though there’s certainly more to this conversation. TW: depression, suicidal ideation.]
  • “It is now acceptable in the Church to say I’m a believer but I doubt. […] Maybe one of these days in the Church it’ll be acceptable to say I’m a believer but I’m sad.” [From Therefore, by John]
  • “No one would fear being taller than her husband. Nerd girls would just be nerds. Men, we’d discover, are natural nurturers. To say you run like a girl would be an esteemed compliment. Husband and wives would share dreams and household chores.” [From If Women Ran {Half} the World, by Brandy.]
  • “And I don’t know how to give him a faith footing except tell him the truth over and over again. God is here. I say it every night, and every night we, both of us, struggle to work it out in our minds.” [From One Good Phrase: God is Here, by Addie at Micha’s. What a series, huh?]
  • “In other words, cancer is a complex disease. This is why it’s important for women to be cautious and remember the real purpose behind Jolie’s op-ed and very public decision. Jolie’s choice was right because it was right for her, not because it’s what all women should do.” [From Angelina Jolie and Every Woman’s Choice, by Bethany. SO important]
  • “And because I’ve believed those things about myself for so long, I sometimes don’t expect myself to be anything other than a punchline.” [From Change the Story, by Shauna.]


“The voices in the market would drown out Wisdom. They would divide us by ideology, distract us with worries–with the thousand things we must know and do. And still, beneath that dull roar of the crowd, Wisdom keeps calling to her children, to us all adopted sons and daughters of the father, brothers and sisters of Christ, children of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom cries out to the quiet of our hearts. She teaches us with the vulnerable moments of our lives.” 

— Rev. Josephine Robertson


  • I am marathoning through Cheers after finishing Frasier in its entirety. I know, I know. I have also seen every episode of M*A*S*H, so sue me. (also, Diane Chambers is a crazy. So far, I’m liking Rebecca better. I am not, however, enjoying the harsh dichotomy of loopy-crazy-girly-romantic-flighty in Diane, and Rebecca, who is a much stronger character, but is portrayed as an ice woman b*tch.)
  • Arrested Development…..season 1. I’m so late to this game. But I love it.
  • My go-tos, Mindy Project (that haircut!) and Grey’s (that Arizona!) are wrapped up for now, so I’ll be putting my energy toward So You Think You Can Dance, Mad Men, and more Arrested Development.

to wear:

  • I decided to get cray prepared for Texas summer when it comes to my skin, aka my other face suit (let’s be honest, my hair will be up for the next three months.) This means 1. sunscreen. daily.  did I mention I live in Texas?   2. combating the oily-gross feeling and look that comes to stay when we kick it in the high 90s. Right now, I am loving Aveeno’s tinted moisturizer as a makeup replacement for this season. SPF 30, lightweight, awesome. As it turns out, keeping your skin hydrated combats oiliness. Science, guys. [Here’s the rub: it only comes in light shades. I’m pretty fair and I use their darkest one. It seems like Garnier has a similar product in a wider shade range, though. I’m curious.] I’m also lightly exfoliating every. day. and not skipping the moisturizer. my skin is the best it’s ever been.
  • …ok but I still love that Revlon stuff. “It girl” is a great soft-but-somehow-punchy pink, a nice break from the bold reds I like.
  • I have an excuse to wear Chacos again! love them forever.


  • Maggie and I have been friends since she let me hitch a ride to Dallas Freshman year of college. A zillion snowcones, games of bananagrams, and One Direction songs later, I was able to be her bridesmaid! It was so special to think back on a college lifetime of memories as she tied the knot with Byron. #teamGriffinweds. such a sweeeeeet couple.

photo cred: Kaytlyn Fuller

me and the GORGEOUS bride.

  • The verynextday I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church! It all came together quickly, but was over a year in the brewing, if that makes sense. I plan on telling more about this soon. I was so crazy-blessed to take a phalanx of people I love up there with me, to pray over me with Bishop Fisher. It was a day to reflect on my journey in the past few years, to accept this crazy-beautiful swatch of the Church as my people, without that meaning any more or less than what it needs to. Confirmation in the sacramental sense is also about being commissioned with the love and good news of Christ, and opening up to a new kind of grace in spiritual maturity, though we never stop growing. I am still thinking and praying about that last half.

beautiful day, beautiful friends. // photo stolen from Caroline Barta’s facebook

  • along those lines, May has felt like a really special time spent with people from the Episcopal Student Center. Though part of me wonders how things would have been if I had been involved when I was actually in college, I believe I joined them at the right time. I am so grateful for their open arms and grace this past year.

graduating/leaving students at St. Paul’s. // stolen from @reverinjean on instagram.

  • Erica and I went up to Dallas this month to check the gallery scene for her purposes and to hang with Alia. I just really like it when people I love from different parts of my life are together. I somehow found myself with an exceptional group of friends.
  • Speaking of exceptional friends, Jenni came to Waco this month for Baylor’s graduation! I cannot say enough how much I love this girl. Our blind-facebook-friendship-crush when we were BABIES somehow brought us all the way to this point, with a rich and wonderful friendship. ALSO SHE’S HAVING A BABY GIRL THIS FALL. I get to be Auntie Dino. Because reasons.

totes hun-cal froyo with Jenni. // stolen from her facebook.

  • I have paid serious attention to making my own cold-brew coffee concentrate, since that is my summer addiction. I have none of the appropriate tools, but I believe since I have been using really quality coffee, my results have not sucked. I find myself laughing at how crazy I have made the process. I have been using a version of this method.
  • This summer, I am taking care of Jerry’s dog, Bandit. Think dog from the movie Up, and you’re pretty close. He’s been a good buddy so far!

German Shepherd-Chow. just look at those socks.

Jenni and Bandit. This is a typical wake-up call.

what I wish I was into:

  • knowing things adults are supposed to know about normal life things.
  • not worrying so much about the move to NC. Logistics overwhelm me easily.
  • being brave enough to actually chopping off my hair. as it is, my hair will probably be up for the entirety of the summer, like I said.


linking up with the great Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to/reading/listening to/wearing? Leave a note in the comments!


17 thoughts on “what I’m into, May.

  1. I toats LIVE to be featured on your blog. Oh man way to turn my frown upside down and make my day. I love you kiddo. And Lyra loves her auntie Dino, evidenced by the kicks she gave me while I was reading and laughing.

  2. I don’t drink coffee so I may be providing you a link that isn’t useful, but how about this for making iced coffee concentrate? You can get a wire-mesh strainer at Target or a grocery store, and cheesecloth . . . somewhere, since I have some but don’t know where I bought it. I’m mostly just sharing this because PW is my homegirl (or at least I wish she was 🙂 http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/06/perfect-iced-coffee/ Music- Red Molly. Their song “By the Mark” is bluegrass gospel that makes me want to stand in a field with a guitar and sing-cry to the heavens. Books- just finished I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t) by Brene Brown. I am someone who struggles with a lot of shame (I think most of use do at some point) and this book has been so illustrative in helping me understand what I’m dealing with and how to handle it better. About to start The Elegance of the Hedgehog upon recommendation from the lovely Ms. Sherratt, followed by Mindy Kaling’s book, because summer. And finally, it is sunny and I am wearing a skirt. I am into that 😀 Happy Friday Antonia!

    • oh ok I’m already in love with that PW link. new reference, thanks, Amy! And Brene Brown keeps coming up in every conversation recently. I have the idea that I am working with a different definition of shame than I thought, so I am really interested in learning more. (love her TEDtalks!) Trying to figure out which one to read first. and ohhhh both of those books are ones that need to be added to my already-long list.

      also, work. the. skirt. love it. thanks for stopping in!

  3. It’s going to take a while for me to go through all these great links!

    I do the same thing at used bookstores — invariably, I leave with more books than I brought in. It’s bad. 🙂

  4. I’m about to go read all your links. Although it might take me a while 🙂 There are few things I love more than new finds. That said, I’ve been reading here for a while but havent commented before. I love your writing, and my best friend lives in Waco (she moved there from Atlanta, where I still live). Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  5. 1. You weren’t kidding about having so many great links! Thanks for including one of mine. You’re the bestest.
    2. I like that you’ve found perfect letter-writing stationary. I always intend to find such a thing and then end up ransacking whatever sets other people have given me over the years. There’s been some truly hideous paper in there, which makes me question many things.
    3. Oh, the haircut on The Mindy Project! I believe I gasped out loud.
    4. As always, love the makeup recommendations. I’m toying with the idea of bb cream right now, thanks to some free samples. How many years can I realistically get away without wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer? I think my time is running out.
    5. Love hearing more about your confirmation!
    6. That is one handsome dog.
    7. When considering “moving to NC” logistics, just focus on the fact that you’ll get to see me along the way. Everything will fall into place.

    • I’m so into the bb cream sitch. now that it’s getting so much hotter all of a sudden, there’s no escaping the sweat every two steps outside. but the moisturizer seems to work with it rather than caking like regular foundation does to me in the summer.

      figuring out when I’ll talk about my confirmation more; there’s much I want to tell.

      UM I GET TO SEE YOU SOON. an email is coming your way with some more details about when that might be.


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