what I’m into, June.


real talk– I’ve been alternating between the top 40 and the stray Johnny Cash CD in my car. With technology more or less against me, it’s inhibited my tune immersion.

  • I’m into Tswift’s ’22,’ like everyone else.
  • And I can’t get Macklemore out of my head. Ever.
  • Otherwise, I’ve been listening to Vampire Weekend’s new album, Modern Vampires of the City, and it. is. amazing.

offline reads:

  • I had to put down When Women Were Birds, without finishing it. how’s THAT for internet honesty? (sorry, Elora.) For the first half I was swept away and thrilled to be reading memoir again [and it even inspired a post], and then I got bored and wanted to be reading other things. oopsies.
  • Hugo Rahner’s Man at Play. MAN OH MAN this book makes me want to flail and read it out loud to all my friends. Both of which I have done. I am only a third of the way through, but eating it up. Academic but totally beautiful, this little book is saving me right now. His focus is the character of God as playful and delighted in creation, as well as humanity’s mirroring of God when we create. There’s a LOT more in there about exactly how serious/playful we should be in regard to ourselves and to God that makes me want to cheer. None of this is doing it justice, either. Sorry. I was able to find a fluke $10 copy, but you might have to troll for a while before you find reasonably priced ones (probably used.) I have been tweeting/instagramming bits of it, too, so follow along!


  • Been back in Rilke’s poetry again.Love, so much love.



  • something I remembered when I stopped reading When Women Were Birds:


  • flowers. forever. these were from my family for my birthday:


  • Shiner’s Ruby Redbird beer. Don’t judge, it’s delicious and tastes like summer.
  • Frappuccinos. DON’T. JUDGE.
  • This quote from Poisonwood Bible I remembered recently:https://i2.wp.com/distilleryimage3.s3.amazonaws.com/d2e0565cdd1411e2b45822000aeb1036_7.jpg
  • This apartment tour. I want to live here.
  • some awesome sacramental tweets:

The sacraments help get God out of my head and into my hands…into the scent, sound and feel of this earth.

— Rachel Held Evans (@rachelheldevans) June 18, 2013

The Eucharist is mysterious but not ambiguous. God is good to give us tangible grace we can taste & feel to tether our ambiguous lives.

— Jonathan Martin (@renovatuspastor) June 12, 2013


The apartment I’ve been living in for the summer is currently fresh outta internet. BUT it does have all the Arrested Development seasons on DVD. So I have been watching them like MAD for the first time. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, but I am also at the right point to watch them. It has been glorious. Buster forever.

to wear:

apparently, all I have to say about this is lipstick. shocking.

  • NYX’s soft matte lip cream. It’s like soft liquid lipstick and it is magical. and it smells like makeup did in middle school, which is awesome. I’m loving the shade Antwerp.


  • dates with Maggie Holland. and ambiguously flavored margs:


  • I somehow found myself in an impromptu movie night club that is exactly the kind of summer lazy fun I love. It’s brought together a bunch of great characters I’m surprised weren’t friends before. so. good.
  • childishly running away to the snocone stand with Maggie Griffin to talk about grownup things. REAL LIFE IS SO FAST.
  • tweep meetups in real life! this month I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Bleser for a (too short!) coffee and Myers-Briggs gush session, and Mary Vasquez for beers and a lipstick run and swears and life plan talks. All the good. And then of course there was Connor Park’s whole weekend visit to Texas, replete with intense theater, quasi-cool Waco First Friday events, kayaking, brisket, meeting outrageous people at Mexican restaurants and a lot of real talk on Alia’s kitchen floor–full of crazy and peace all at once. Like totally normal.
  • my family came to Waco for a visit! I think six months was my longest stint without seeing them, so I was sure glad to just be around them for a while. We are loud and ridiculous and probably too quick to speak and just live on top of each other and it’s a lot but it’s also home. I’m glad I’ll get to see them again before I head east.
  • I turned 23 this month! The night before I headed up to Dallas to hang with friends up there, including Jerry and Alia, whom I have mentioned here a zillion times before. The next morning, Alia and I had breakfast at Oddfellows just down the street from her place and OMG beignets. I had to return to work that day, but Maggie Holland surprised me with lunch and I snagged some fun with friends before the night was over. Grateful for all the birthday love as well as the comments on that post! Birthdays are a chance for gratitude and hope and I love them.
  • Jerry and I roadtripped down to the Houston area to listen to Preston preach this amazing sermon, but also mostly to snag some quality time with him and Sara. Hello, look at this picture. We are adorable:

stolen from @saralemister’s instagram. oh, P also got called a rockstar very emphatically. as we tried so hard to control our laughter.

  • and then the very next weekend, Sara and Preston turned right around and trekked up to Waco, somewhat unexpectedly, but in the absolutely veryverybest kind of way. Friday I found out I had to be out of my apartment by Sunday and then I commenced to freak out and then Preston and Jacob and Chris helped me pile my few belongings into a HUGE truck I had to drive across town. Specific thanks to Preston for moving things in the terrible heat when he felt sickly, to Jacob for graciously sharing storage space, and to Chris for helping even when I hadn’t told him I was moving! Huge props and thanks to those guys. Not to mention Erica’s immense help planning/packing the day before. I HAVE AWESOME FRIENDS is the moral of this story.
  • AND THEN Alia came to see me just for the afternoon and for a few minutes I was high on the fact that some of my very favorite people from different parts of my life were all in the same coffeeshop. #extrovert
  • it’s threaded in there, but getting to spend time this month with Preston and Jerry, separately and together, meant the world to me. Since life is happening fast, I know that in a way, these days are precious, and I am grateful to have them. Words aren’t enough.

what I wish I was into:

  • reading all the things I’ve been meaning to read all summer in this remaining month.
  • being OK with leaving Waco SO SOON.
  • the humidity
  • my hair. period. so done.
  • getting over allergies.


linking up with the great Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to/reading/listening to/wearing? Leave a note in the comments!


17 thoughts on “what I’m into, June.

  1. I love “what I’m into”/”currently” posts. And the Reader’s Bill of Rights! I put down both Absalom, Absalom! and The Once and Future King and have never turned back. Judge me if you will.

    • no judgement. I also believe that sometimes it’s the right book at the wrong time– I try not to write off books completely, but I can’t think of one I’ve returned to, either.

  2. I too put the WHen women were Birds down too, when I was taking her class. Don’t tell Elora. LOVE the readers bill of rights for me (not for my students. They read and love what I tell them to.) And, lipstick YES! Cherries in the snow. You need it. Revlon. I have been sporting Fuschia Fusion all summer ’cause I need people to see me, you know? And Ruby Redbird. In my fridge all the day long.

  3. Happy 23. You ARE adorable. Reading this post makes me feel all sick and panicky about the summer of youth, how it all slips through your fingers. Which is funny, because feeling like that was a long time ago for me. I mean, I’m planning my gravestone these days. (ha!) But I love this about the Internet, that I’m friends with you and get to feel all that slippery excitement again, through your post. Hugs.

    • get OUT, Esther Emery! you are the coolest. I love this comment so much, even though I am in denial about how slippery and slipping it all really is. DENIAL. hugs backatcha. you are writing beauty and strength these days, friend.

  4. Thanks for the shoutout! I love that piccy of you. All moved in – exciting!

    I am reading When women were birds, coincidentally. So far loving it! But I’ve got 2 other books on the go at the same time. I think Virginia Woolf says she had 6 books on the go at once, cos it’s like having a symphony. And if Virginia Woolf said it, who can argue?

    Thinking of you as you embark on this new adventure. Xx

    • I’m obsessed with that picture– some of my favorite people! for now I’m just moved in to a temporary sublet before I make the cross-country trip in a month. eeek!

      I am THE SAME WAY with books. I have to have a few different kinds. something brainy, something poetic, a memoir, and a novel. usually. it’s my mom’s doing– library trips were always about having a balanced diet of various genres!

      thanks for dropping in, Tanya! I covet your thoughts as it gets closer and closer.

  5. SO MANY good things here! I don’t even know where to start.
    Books: First of all, I’ve been loving all the tweets from Man At Play. And the quote from Poisonwood Bible reminded me that I need to go back and finish it this summer. I started it as an audiobook on a road trip. And, a Really Important Question: Where would you recommend starting with Rilke?
    Cosmetics: Definitely need to check out the NYX lip cream since my lips dry out so fast.
    Life: Those flowers are GORGEOUS. So much color! Sounds like you had some wonderful moments in the midst of the crazy. Moving is definitely my Least Favorite Experience, and I admire your courage in making such a transition. Peace to you this coming month!

  6. 1. Rilke for life
    2. I’ve got some Ruby Redbird in my fridge even as we speak. I LOVE IT.
    3. I really need you to watch SYTYCD. You need to find access to a TV just for Tuesday nights. Please and thank you.
    4. So glad all the packing and moving went well! Gracious.
    5. All The Things (code for: I get to see you in a month and then we’ll be able to talk about everything and anything in person and oh my word that will be amazing and we’ll still forget to talk about 2,546 things we wanted to talk about, which means we’ll just have to hang out again.)

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