what I’m into, July.


just one or two notes here.

  • I know you might be tired of me talking about David Ramirez, but I.do.not.care. He released a new song on YouTube this month called “Stone.” I love David’s songs lately are about the artistic life, and this one is no different. His music works on your heart like few others. Here are some teaser lyrics, with the video below:

I get phone calls from fellow musicians

they all want to pick my brain

“should I do this or do that?

which trick from what hat?”

and they get sad when I tell them to just play.

offline reads:

  • Sisterhood Everlasting, the 5th Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, when the sisterhood is in their late twenties. Before you judge, let me sing praises of Ann Brashares. She writes beautiful, complex, dark-and-twisty characters. You knew these girls growing up, you might have been one of them. Her prose is inspiring and compelling artistry, and this book might be the crowning glory, though you need the others before you pick it up. She writes about adult friendship wonderfully and painfully. Let’s be honest– I cried all the way through this book, and I NEVER do that.
  • Speaking of Sin by Barbara Brown Taylor. I have so many feelings about this book, but I’ll just tell you that every other line was underlined, with either “YES” or “…ouch” written in the margins. This is one I will definitely recommend to people any time I am talking about sin. BBT’s theology is more pastoral, but whip-smart, so you’re getting solid theology on-the-ground. She beautifully finds the middle ground between extremes, convicting you along the way.


  • The “Online” vs. “Real Life” Myth, by Bethany Suckrow: “I’m not saying that we owe it to everyone on the internet to treat them like they’re our best friend. All it means is that we are just as responsible for treating people like they matter as we would if we were confronting them face-to-face.”
  • In which we do it anyway, by Sarah Bessey: “The world does not have enough because your part isn’t here yet, and if anything matters, everything matters, you matter, your book, your song, your art, your family, your faith, your hunger for justice, your voice, your peace making, your loving, your kindness, your battle to forgive, your hands, your feet, your mind, your life, matters.”
  • [because one SMFB post wasn’t enough] In which I choose to be a feminist in the way that Jesus would be a feminist, by Sarah Bessey: Because I follow Jesus, I want to see God’s redemptive movement for women arch towards justice. And God’s Kingdom tastes like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. My life should still bear the fruit of the Spirit out.I don’t get a free pass on discipleship because I’m a woman or a feminist or for any other reason.”
  • a tale of two meals, by Luke Harms [at Preston’s]:  “A decade later she still knew how to put him at ease. His heart was just learning how to feel again, but every feeling was as fragile as winter’s first snowflakes. He dared not grasp them too tightly, for fear they’d melt away in his hand.”
  • First World Problems, by Alise Wright: “Sometimes we need compassion even when we’re doing the things we love. Sometimes we need kindness even if our problems aren’t as stark as someone else’s. Sometimes we need a sympathetic ear even if it’s just to talk about someone being mean to us on the internet.”
  • Prodigal Daughter, by Esther Emery: “And all the time I’m thinking about community. My whole model of self-sufficiency in faith, of trusting in God’s abundance — the thing is, you can’t do it by yourself. Maybe for forty days, or for a prophet, you can wander in the hills. But I can’t feed my baby with bugs and honey.”
  • Intertwined With the Poor: What the Missional Movement Lacks, by Lyndsey Graves: “And when we meet that person to whom we finally matter, it turns out we don’t really care how they’re dressed or what they look like or whether their organization implements a cool graphic design strategy. ” I hope we learn to just love people, even if we’re afraid that they’re too dirty for us or that we’re not cool enough for them.”
  • The Luxurious Stream of Conciousness, by Seth Haines: “There are, however, ways to re-harmonize self to self, analog to digital, hypocrite to healed. There are prescriptions for remembering who you are and why you’re here…” [just go read this whole thing right now. it’s hard to pull just one quote.]
  • One True Essential, by Winn Collier: “There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to find a person who’s given themselves to a cause and then, amid their fervid exertion, completely lost themselves in it. Now, only a shell of a human remains, barking burdensome platitudes. The truth is, however, contemplatives struggle just the same.”
  • Church, by Kiefer Lloyd Partridge: “The red stage-glow spills out between the doors and the band is playing “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and I think that, well, this is happening.” [again, just read this piece of beauty. I could quote the whole thing.
  • when my life is in boxes, by sarah lynn: “It is the catch and release. In the space between the tug of the oar in your hands, and the fly of the glimmering fish back into the sea, there is joy and grief. And sometimes this means standing on furniture embracing the wild life. And sometimes it means lying awake clouded with worry that maybe you did not hear right, and maybe you are better off staying.”


  • The poem, “The Journey” by David Whyte, put in front of my face by Hilary. And oh, how glad I am that she did. It has been playing in the back of my mind all month. I need it. That link also includes a video of Whyte reciting the poem, beautifully. Listen to it, please. Then also read this poem, too.
  • Amoebas do it better.This tumblr makes me die every time. It doesn’t hurt that it was created by two Waco-to-Austin transplants I like a whole lot. [they also starred in this mockumentary that makes me cry with all the funny every time I watch.] here’s an amoeba teaser:

my favorite kind of quirky humor.

  • 10 signs you’re gluten intolerant. I think of this post when I want to “cheat” at this whole gluten thing, even though I was professionally diagnosed. (but really you guys. Cider just isn’t cutting it for me. I miss beer.)
  • Some people have been asking about cold-brew coffee methods because I tweet about it so dang much. I use a full-immersion method that’s kindof a mashup of this recipe and this one. [I use a medium roast, freshly [coarse] ground coffee as close to the roast date as possible, with a 1:1 ratio, ie. 8 oz coffee : 8 oz water. Just start experimenting! ]
  • this sneaky racoon:
  • This quote I returned to after a long while:

“It is more difficult to find the Creator in a barbecue sandwich than in your favorite Sunday-morning song, but when you do, when you begin to find Him in all the stuff of life, everything starts singing. Every moment breaks into song. Every breath becomes sacrifice, and the songs become sweetness. This is living praise.”

David Crowder, Praise Habit

to wear:

  • I’ve been on the lookout for a good medium berry shade. I samples MK’s Berry Kiss this month, and really liked it. [by the way, classic red and berry shades are almost universally flattering across skin tones. you’re welcome.]
  • let me tell you about my new favorite thing: Too Faced’s lip primer. It keeps nearly every lipstick of mine from transferring or fading. I’ve noticed it’s especially great for drugstore brands, and for non-matte shades that tend to slide off (at least on me!) It’s a little pricey, so it was my birthday present to myself. BUT I would do it again. A little goes a long way and it’s totally worth it.
  • I never thought I would wear a light purple nail polish like Revlon’s Flirt, but I am IN LOVE.


July was chock-full of seeing all. the. people. before I leave the state. Which I totally loved, of course, but I was way busy. Part of me wished I had more of a chance to stop and smell the roses, but in another way, keeping busy toward the end of the summer was a good thing.

  • I spent the weekend with my beautiful, wonderful, very-pregnant friend Jenni in San Antonio. We lazed around, and swam, and riverwalked it up with her husband, Colten. I just love that i got to see them this month. They are so dear to me.

Jenni, me. pool timez.

  • on the way to San Antonio, I stopped in Austin to have dinner with the most amazing group of women I primarily know from the Twitters– @JRGoudeau, @EloraNicole, and @ShaneyIrene. The internet is cool that way sometimes. They are fierce and incredibly loving and believe all the things. I’m sorry we didn’t get started on these outings sooner!

and THIS TIME, we got photo evidence, though this picture belongs to @JRGoudeau, I believe. These be some badass women.

  • #sistersummercamp began as soon as I got back into town from San Antonio. For a wealth of logistic reasons, I was the replacement for my sister Isabella’s week at church camp. BUT HELLO SHE GOT A PRETTY GOOD DEAL. I mean, I had to work quite a bit, but we also museum-ed, tie-dyed, snuck snacks into Monsters U (eh), and Despicable Me 2 (love). Plus other sisterly fun things. The week flew right by! I loved getting to spend some one-on-one time with my goofy, but whip-smart sister. Plus we take adorable pictures together:

amIright? no, we are not twins. she is 5 inches taller and 7 years younger. ugh genes.

  • [[Erica’s apartment had a bug problem this month, which meant she had to got to spend a week with me! I loved it so much, you’d think I sabotaged her apartment. But I totally didn’t. Even though it was a good idea. If I’d had it.]]
  • I visited Houston to have brunch the best company. From the Old Testament to The Conjuring to Twitter to Pentacostalism to Jesus– the haphazard, gracefilled conversations turned it into one of the best brunches of my life. Can’t explain all the reasons here.
  • While I was around Houston, Preston and I stuffed our faces with Thai food and watched the entirety of the YouTube series The Most Popular Girls in School. Judge us. Fine. I don’t know if it helps or hurts that we paired all that with lots of real talk about church, Eucharist, breviaries, speaking in tongues and blah blah blah all the usual things. Meh. Such is our crazy-ass friendship.
  • I’m making the move next week after returning from family time in NM. I’m ready and not ready, anxious for it and dreading it all at once. Seems about right, I guess. Alia and I will be trekking cross-country; you should follow along on Twitter. Should me memorable.

what I wish I was into:

  • getting my mind around student loans. OMG hate money.
  • registering for classes (it’s happening WAY too close to the start of term for my comfort).
  • magically not being gluten intolerant. I miss dark beer and ignorance.


linking up with the great Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to/reading/listening to/wearing? Leave a note in the comments!


6 thoughts on “what I’m into, July.

  1. I read at least the first and second Traveling Pants books but if I recall correctly, the second one just seemed “meh.” But the way you’re talking about the final book makes me want to read it. I love BBT. So many good links to peruse! A friend gave me David Whyte’s The House of Belonging for Christmas and it is a thing of beauty. I love The Journey (and so great to hear him read it!) but The Truelove is the one that brought me to uglycrytears. Gah. Enjoy your last few days before the transition time road trip begins. I can’t wait to see you!

    • I think the series gets better as you go along. (I have similar feelings about Harry Potter). The characters get more complex, more relatable. also, more Whyte must happen soon. SEE YOU SO SOOONNNNNNN

  2. It makes my month. Every month. When you post these. Also I miss your cute face and waking up to make epic breakfast and eat cantaloupe with you.

  3. SO MANY good things. For example: I burst out laughing at Amoeba Bedelia. I’m actually still giggling about it.
    (also I suspect it’s a Law of Nature that younger sisters grow to be taller than older sisters.)

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