what I’m into, August.


  • My friend Leslie posted some Anthony Evans on Facebook, and I have been listening almost nonstop. I thought I swore off listening to “that kind of Jesus music,” I really did. But Anthony’s voice is amazing and creates sacred space in itself, and the lyrics are solid and honest. This album has really been a blessing this month.
  • I’ve re-discovered Explosions in the Sky as go-to background music, especially if I need to be without words for a while. Beauty.


  • Orange is the New Black. oh my word. this show is brilliant.
  • every nature documentary ever on Netflix, including Duck-umentary, Meerkat Manor, and Animal Odd Couples. Greatest bedtime stories ever.

offline reads:

you can tell school has started, because there are more books here than normal:


if you are looking for the usual long list, sorry. This month was so crazy, I didn’t even get to read all my favorite people. But what is here is definitely good:

  • Josephine+, Lion’s Roar:  If the Gospel doesn’t make us all uncomfortable, we aren’t listening. If Hosea doesn’t shock us out of our sentimentality, we will be surprised by the lion waiting behind the altar. And if we do not know, in our core that we are loved: then we have missed the point.
  • Hilary, midwife in heaven:  I write that the midwife will go before Shakespeare, and laughing, they will praise each other. She will whisper how she saw Twelfth Night once, and he will whisper that he ought to have written ten sonnets in praise of her hands.
  • Preston, when God allows us to say whenYou can tell God when you are ready for the next thing. You may be surprised to find that He’s already taken you there.
  • Lyndsey: An Ordinary Time: Ordinary time is about the basics, and the basics are not only what I need, but also what I’ve been longing for unknowingly. Love. Grace. Faith. They’re not new, but they’re just as dazzling as the trees, reaching green, a fraction taller today in their ordinary worship of God.
  • Ed, Submit One to Another: Why I Submit to My WifeWhile we’ve always thought of our marriage in terms of being equals, I know what it’s like to make decisions on my own and then see them negatively impact our family. It’s a hard, lonely, guilt-ridden place to be. I don’t see myself losing anything when I ask my wife for her opinion and her prayers. If anything, I’m giving myself more freedom since I’m not bearing heavy burdens on my own.
  • Esther, And This is Also About SubmissionBut I also pray we can breathe some space into this word: submission. Let it come to us right from the page, undiluted, untranslated, like a gift. Let it come given to us. Like mystery. Like water.

this month’s lipstick pick:



  • I was able to spend a week with my family in New Mexico between work and beginning the trek to North Carolina. We ate good food and talked about education and languages and were loud and sarcastic and all the usual. I loved getting to spend time with them, and (selfishly) to just be daughter for a while before heading into adventure. That’s important stuff.
  • PLUS ALSO WHILE I WAS THERE PRESTON AND HILARY GOT ENGAGED.  I just. I can’t even describe my happiness that this is finally happening. And yes–finally, internet. I’m going to cry so hard at their wedding next year. Like probably snot-ugly-cry. Don’t picture it.

    oh look I stole this. gahhh these two.

  • I stepped off the plane from New Mexico into a room full of the most beautiful friends (including the two pictured above. The rest, you know who you are). Among us were some that hadn’t all been in the same room for at least a year, and even amidst the laughter and joy and loud, I found myself wanting to drink the night in slowly. It was one of those Patronus-memory nights, ya’ll.
  • The next day I began all the long goodbyes, which passed much quicker than I thought they would. I can’t think about them too long.
  • Then Alia and I hit the road for Durham, NC. I was so happy to be able to spend all that road time with the friend that has known me the longest, made it through the bad hair days and the crazytown crushes and both of our faith transitions into new houses of prayer. We talked old and new, theology and art and love and the future. I’m so thankful for her friendship and her help!
  • Almost as soon as I got to Durham, I started RA training (oh yeah, I’m an RA, again, you guys. Yes I do have my own apartment. And yes, I still cannot burn candles in there.) I was so blessed with this position, though I am still learning the ropes a bit. I have a great staff, and I love my tiny apartment, though I still haven’t put a thing on the walls.
  • Orientation/first week of Duke Divinity School. I can’t so much describe this to you in events as the peace and awe that I am even here. It’s been a bit surreal, really. From the get-go, I know this is where I am supposed to be, whatever comes next. It is a place dedicated to both high academics and faithfulness, and I could not be more thankful for both. The way I’ve been describing it to people is, they just speak my language here, you know?  There are good people here to walk with.
  • I went on my first silent retreat this past Saturday, and I would simply say that I recommend it to you. Yes, you. It was both unsettling and peaceful, a most active rest in prayer. Take the time to fill a day in silence, before the Lord. (You can usually search for retreats in your area, or create your own quiet space.) It is the best “waste” of time you will spend.

what I wish I was into:

  • getting used to a student schedule.
  • making coffee before morning prayer super early. I’m pretty sure God and the church definitely want me caffeinated.
  • stocking my pantry. How do I even do this?
  • putting things on my so-blank walls.

Linking up with Leigh Kramer [WHOM I GOT TO MEET] for her What I’m Into series. Your turn! no really–what have you been reading/watching/listening to, etc in August?


10 thoughts on “what I’m into, August.

  1. Okay. This HAS to be my favorite one of these posts I’ve ever read. What.A.Month. Oh, so many blessings as you continue to settle in, find your tribe and keep asking questions, whether or not you find every answer. (Pretty sure you won’t, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.) And Preston and Hilary? TOO CUTE. (And, man, they’re young. But I was too, once upon a time, and actually, I wouldn’t change a thing.) I’ve also read both Sarah’s and Addie’s books and yes. pre-order both. Loved that you and Leigh got together. Such fun to connect IRL.

  2. Wow, what a month you’ve had! Loving your book recommendations (although adding them to my ever increasing to-read list means they might not get a look in for a while. Unless I bump them to the top. Which I might). And YEY that you hung out with Leigh. Isn’t she wonderful?!

  3. It gives me such joy to read these posts. And makes me wish I were a more consistent writer…but hey what I’m into this month basically consists of chobani yogurt, chick fil a lemonade, and surviving my last week of work. I miss you friend. Now return my voicemails and tell me about your adventures.

  4. So much Leigh love in your post and in the comments! I’m blushing. It was such a treat having you and Alia with me and not nearly long enough. So grateful for you! Also, All The Jealousy that you get to read Preston’s manuscript. I mean, it makes sense but still.

    Excited to see what’s next for you! xo

    • thanks for dropping in, friend! (and OF COURSE all the Leigh love 🙂 ) also I realized that it is wayyy too soon for me to be talking about P’s book…because we’ve got like a year, folks. But it’s gonna be good.


  5. So glad to hear how it’s going! Isn’t Duke peace and wonder? So. Much. I hope you figure out how to stock your pantry (and please let me know how to do this, too. thanks.).

    Blessings in the weeks ahead.

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