remember your baptism [at Deeper Church].

I was baptized twice, you know.

First, in a sanctuary like a stadium that needed opera glasses to see me laid down in the water, and raised up again. I had maybe just learned to read, and my hair was still bright and bobbed.

Then, in the storefront church with the showroom bathtub that wheeled round to the front, when my hair was darker and awkward and I must have been wearing braces.

I don’t talk about this very much.

That’s right, folks, I’m talking sacrament over at Deeper Church today–but this time, it’s not communion! Suprise!

[1. all the times I’ve talked about Eucharist over there have not been an intentional pattern. 2. I realize I am hyperbolizing how much of a pattern this actually is.]

Anyways. I’m reflecting on baptism stories, and what it means to live in light of one’s baptism. I’m thinking, too, a little about what it means to carry the churches of your past with you into your present and future, and what to do with those that have hurt you. And some other stuff.

Join along at A Deeper Church?

and bonus! you get some pretentious art as a part of the deal!
OK, but it’s not gratuitous, I promise. I explain this inclusion over at DC.


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