what I’m into, September.


  • I bought Gungor’s new album and I like it a whole lot. I think Ghosts Upon the Earth might be my favorite though.
  • One of the playlists I made for the trip from Texas to North Carolina has become one of my go-tos. Enjoy:

offline reads:

below are some of my favorites from classes that are also more readily available to recommend.

  • The Rule of St. Benedict 
  • Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith by Fred Bahnson. This is a beautiful and challenging memoir that is less about agrarian faith in itself, and more widely applicable than you might think. There is also profound a ministerial/community dimension to this book as well, which doesn’t always happen in the memoir genre.
  • Mudhouse Sabbathby Lauren Winner. This is my second time reading this little book, for the class that Dr. Winner is teaching, no less. Winner’s work has profoundly shaped my spiritual life, and I am still agape that I get to take her class.
  • On the Incarnationby St. Athanasius. I mean, Athanasius does all the things in this relatively short work. His focus here is on the Word manifest in Christ, focusing not only on his death and resurrection, but on how God-in-the-flesh redeems and heals us by his very nature. I think this is one of the most accessible primary theological texts to just pick up, and I highly recommend it to you.

keeping the poetry close at hand has been crucial this month, and I am glad to say that I am surrounded by people who appreciate this kind of thing, too.

  • Rilke has been a huge presence, though that’s not quite new.
  • I also got to attend a reading by Scott Cairns, and let me just tell you his work is amazing. It is convicting and funny and beautiful all at once. My copy is coming in the mail. 

also, be looking for a full review of Addie Zierman’s upcoming memoir When We Were on FireYOU GUYS I LOVE THIS BOOK. Addie just gets me, you know? She probably gets you, too. It releases in two weeks. Get is ASAP.


ok. let’s be real. I am relying on all ya’ll to dish up quality blogreading in your own What I’m Into posts, because grad school means that my reader has been, uh, streamlined. aka, I didn’t read blogs this month. hm. Nonetheless:

  • I participated in this great synchroblog over at She Loves Magazine, with the prompt “I am from.” It was such a great exercise– I recommend doing one even if you don’t plan on posting it anywhere. Plus the responses are simply gorgeous.
  • Though this is not strictly a blogpost, fellow Duke Divinity student the Rev. Kara Slade gave an amazing homily on one of the weirdest parables. MAN it is good.

a few good tweets:


to wear:

  • this month’s favored nail color: NYC’s Radio City Rose. Fantastic, versatile color. Essie’s Head Mistress made a comeback, and I am excited to get a replacement of my favorite fall/winter color: Recessionista. Yes, I know it’s a terrible name. And yes, I am the kind of person that buys nail polish on the internet.
  • I have exactly one flannel shirt that I have been wearing the crap out of now that the temperature is dropping a bit in North Carolina. Usually paired with bright red lipstick, like Rimmel’s #10. I love that lipstick, you guys. Just don’t leave it in your car. In the sun. Not that I have experience.
  • along these same lines, I have been loving on the scarves like mad. Also I turn into an old lady and wear them like a shawl when I am paper-writing. Like a grownup security blanket.
  • chukka boots. sorry I’m not sorry. I bought these last year, and have been happy to bring them out again. apparently this says something about me. I just like them. And I like pairing their somewhat androgynous appearance with, guess what? bright red lipstick.



  • We are all on the Voxer train now, yes? I have been so richly blessed by this little app, and have loved getting to talk with beautiful people strangely across time and space in using it. For real. Download this thing stat.
  • I have loved making my little apartment like home. It was actually a bit more emotional than I expected — getting things on the walls. In some ways, it is easier to avoid homesickness without all those memories staring back at you. As time has gone on, I have really appreciated that I am surrounded by them all.


Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.31.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.32.36 PM



  • Two weeks ago, I went on a [required] overnight silent retreat. I don’t even know if I can stress enough how important and kindof magical it was. I highly recommend engaging in a silent retreat, which is like an extended Sabbath, a sanctified time of silence before God. I was so grateful for the space to listen, to engage, to read, to pray in a set-apart manner. (pssst. searching for “retreat centers” in your state is a good start.)
  • This month, I decided to regularly attend the little church just down the road from me: St. Joseph’s. They are good folks, the church is small but lovely, and it just seems like the right thing. I am looking forward to figuring out how to community with this place over the next few years, amidst school and all the rest.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.36.23 PM



  • speaking of community, the Divinity students are learning how to be friends, and it is pretty heartwarming. It is also pretty awkward sometimes. [I know that I am having to stretch social muscles I haven’t had to really use in a while, and maybe I am not alone.] I keep asking myself how did I make friends in college? and laughing because it had to have been a miracle. So far, there have been a number of quality nights with quality people and (usually) quality drinks. I am surrounded by fascinating, wonderful people.
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.41.55 PM

wine, french 75s, and poetry. you can’t go wrong.


  • um, so I got this ‘official’ request in the mail this week AND I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF. I am so thrilled to be a part of Hilary and Preston’s life, on the Big Day in particular. There will be snot-nosed ugly-crying happening. And happy dancing. Maybe at the same time.


What I wish I was into:

  • stocking my pantry. haven’t I said this once before? I made headway, but the funny thing is, you have to keep going to the grocery store all the time to have food.
  • getting work done on the weekends.
  • shaking my caffeine addiction. and other various expensive habits.

Ok, your turn. No, really. What has been going on with you this month? What have you been reading/wearing/doing/whatever? (no but really. send me the best blogposts, whether they are yours or someone else’s. I am out of the loop.)

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12 thoughts on “what I’m into, September.

  1. I get WAY TOO EXCITED when I see this pop up in my newsfeed every month. Seriously. I anticipate it. I hope you never stop because I love knowing what you are into.

  2. Real talk: The first time I read your Mudhouse Sabbath paragraph, I read “agape” as the Greek noun.

    I found myself saying yes to so many things in this post. Wearing scarves like shawls? Yes. Asking myself how I made friends before? YES. Scott Cairns? YES YES YES FOREVER. I memorized his poem “The Theology of Doubt” for class last fall. It comes back to me so often.

    • I had similar reactions to your post, which I left over in your space 🙂 What a great poem. and Cairns is so FUNNY. I just got my order in the mail–super excited to read and share it. cheers, friend!

  3. Oh my word. You just revolutionized my life. I’m going to start buying nailpolish online! WAY cheaper especially since I have Amazon Prime. You’re the best! 🙂
    I loved all your other links too, and I am with you on the plaids. I am completely overwearing my 2 plaid shirts and I am not ashamed. Especially since they go so well with my riding boots. 🙂

  4. I’m really enjoying Soil and Sacrament. I want to take my time with it, aka should probably buy it and return the library book. I cannot even handle the fact that you’re taking a class from Dr. Winner. What in the actual bertha?! How have we not discussed this? Love that you’re rereading Mudhouse Sabbath for her class. Ooh, Recesionista is a fabulous color! I don’t think I need to buy any more nail polish right now but that one is tempting me. Love all of these glimpses into your new life. xoxo

    • I SWEAR I told you about Winner’s class (or L-dub as I secretly call her). It is great and she is SO FREAKING BRILLIANT and she is a mix of razor sharp and grace and no-nonsense. I love it. thanks for dropping in here, my friend. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hooray! MH is one of (or the?) the only Winner books I haven’t read and I’m due to read it with a friend precisely when my class ends. And I’m so glad you’re in her class (and also, please tell all)! Beautiful apartment. Glad to hear about Div school. Blessings to you as you approach midterms, continue to settle in, and here’s to empty pantries and caffeine addictions. That’s all.

  6. Love these glimpses into your life and seeing this new adventure unfolding – new home, new church, new classes, same fantastic lipstick 😉
    Also, I’m forever jealous of your studies.

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