what I’m into, October.

This month’s What I’m Into is coming to you rather late because, well, we are in that part of the semester, so here are the bare bones. Apologies for cutting out some of my favorite sections, but that’s how it is right now.

{Also, you might have noticed it’s been pretty quiet around here since school started, as I have pretty much only been keeping up with writing over at Deeper Church. I am thinking that will change next semester, but for now, I am making no promises about the next several weeks in particular.}

no further ado–


I bought The Head and the Heart’s new album, which is slowly growing on me. Not quite the love I have for their first.

MOST recently, I have been on a Robyn and Beyoncé kick. Don’t judge, just love.

offline reads:

  • to retain my sanity, I started re-reading Dante’s Commedia, Anthony Esolen’s translation. 1) Esolen’s version is beautiful and accessible. 2) if you have only read the Inferno, then you haven’t read the Inferno. 3) Dante is one of those really dead guys that makes me a Christian again and again.
  • I just started Poetic Theology: God and the Poetics of Everyday Lifeby William Dyrness. I am using it as secondary reading for a class, though I have had it on my Kindle bookshelf for a while. So far, a great, nuanced read. It is an academic text, I warned you.


  • I Here Surrender my Golden Calves, by Hannah. I returned to this post again and again this month. She really just sucker-punches you at the end there. In a weirdly freeing yet convicting way.
  • The God Who Holds, by Margaret. Margaret reminds me I am not alone in the painful parts of faith; I love her vulnerability and truth.
  • To Be Inconvenienced, by Kristen. I was challenged and heartened by this story of opening her home to the stranger and finding Jesus there.
  • Why I Cry in Church, by Mallory McDuff. oh MAN did I love this post. What she writes here has been a big part of my story, and very recently so. Let’s be honest, I mean last Sunday.
  • When God is Unfaithful, by Peter Enns. “Maybe if you’re angry with God now and then, you’re normal. Maybe that’s part of being the people of God.” SNAP.
  • Bravery, by Christy. I love this little post–it brought clarity to why people call me brave when I mostly am scared, and served up some solid inspiration, too.


oh my Lord:

I swear I have had conversations like this:

oh, xkcd:

Stove Ownership



What I wish I was into:

  • working on papers ahead of time.
  • actually updating this blog.
  • 5 pm sunset.

Ok, your turn. No, really. What has been going on with you this month? What have you been reading/wearing/doing/whatever? 

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5 thoughts on “what I’m into, October.

  1. Love to you – I can’t wait to read the rest of the things you’re into. I am not into the 5 pm sunsets either, but on the bright side (get it) the sun is up when I leave the house. Thanks for taking one for all us early birds.

  2. I am reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Was it you, Preston, or Hilary who mentioned that book in a post that made me want to read it? Whoever it was, THANK YOU. When I have to go out and buy my own copy of a book I originally got from the library, you know it’s good. I am also into apple pie filling mixed with caramel sauce in my morning oatmeal and Brooklyn Nine Nine 🙂 I wish I was into completing my prayer journal as part of my retreat in daily life. I’m slowly building the habit of morning prayer, but I tend to feel like journaling is optional, when really it’s a good way to write the words and reflections on my heart for the day. Happy Thursday Antonia!

    • It would not have been me, but I think I might have heard both P & H bring it up? it’s funny you bring up prayer journals, because that’s a practice I have been thinking of picking up again, tying it with the Ignatian Examen (are you familiar with this?) thanks for dropping in here, Amy!

      • I am indeed familiar with the Ignatian Examen (proud Jesuit college grad right here!) and the retreat I’m doing in daily life is The Ignatian Adventure by Kevin O’Brien, S.J. It is modeled on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and it’s a really good retreat, I just wish I was better at keeping it daily! If you are perhaps interested in making this retreat together, let me know. I know you are super busy with school but it might be good to have a partner (for discussion as well as accountability :-)), and something as short as a 20 min Skype chat once a week could do the trick. Email me if you are interested. Happy Friday!

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