there will be no baptists in heaven [at A Deeper Church].

if you know me on the Twitter or in real life, you might know that I engage in a bit of snarky smack talk about various denominations, including some self-deprecating talk about my Episco-people.

It’s really picked up since I started attending a highly ecumenical Methodist Divinity School last fall. (I’m afraid Presbyterians have received the brunt of this. Sorry, ya’ll.)

but if you talk to me about churches for more than five minutes, you’ll know I’m annoyingly ecumenical, in large part because my life has spanned a few different ways of meeting God.

So, I’m doing some cheeky-serious real-talk about the unity of the Church today at Deeper Church:

I used to believe that God only spoke my prayer language. Then I thought He could only hear written petitions. These days I’m pretty damned confident that God only knows how to interact with humans who address God clunkily, without gendered pronouns. That is, of course, until I hear a He-prayer that splits my heart wide open.


She always knows how to overturn my expectations.


join me today over at A Deeper Church?


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