The Lamenting Psalms (at SheLoves).


Oh hello! It’s been quiet here lately with school ending and moving and all that jazz, but I am hoping things will pick up a bit this summer, starting today–I’m over at SheLoves Magazine joining in on their Red Couch Book Club pick for the month–Dr. Ellen Davis’s Getting Involved With God. It’s my first time writing in that space, and I found it really fun–even though I was writing on lament.

A phrase that floats around with church-people is “just give it to God,” and while I am still wary about saying this casually to people in times of distress, it is comprehensible to me as Davis writes about biblical characters—in this case, the psalmist. Ellen Davis writes that it seems the shift occurs within a psalm of lament towards praise precisely because of “the psalmist’s experience of suffering, and perhaps that has changed only because she has dared to break the isolation of silence and knows that God has heard.”

Join over at SheLoves to talk about the psalms with us? Maybe even be inspired to read Davis’s book?


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