who is this?

  • IMG_4086-1It’s An-TOE-nya.  Or somewhere along those lines. But with an A at the end, world.
  • I’m a Texas-New Mexican.
  • I really like lipstick and nail polish. So sue me.
  • I am an extroverted contemplative. It gets inconvenient sometimes.
  • I always sometimes swear. Sorry? Don’t worry, mostly in real life.
  • I prefer small coffee cups. Always.
  • I am a Christian centered, challenged, and bewildered by this creed.
  • I dream and pray toward a common life of liberation, celebration, and embrace of all persons who have been pushed to the edge of society, the edge of the church. This includes but is not limited to LGBTQIA+ folks, all who have felt the knife’s edge of White supremacy (in even the sneakiest forms), and other nonconforming, non-normative ensouled bodies. I aspire to be a person fully and actively committed to this vision, and to hearing the stories of those not like me.
  • This faith journey of mine has not been the most linear–it’s often comical to consider, but laden with grace. Over the years, my prayer language has changed from Tongues to Doubt to Liturgy and Liberation. Ask me about it sometime. Or just stick around.
  • I received my B.A. from Baylor University in Great Texts of the Western Tradition in 2012, with an emphasis in constantly explaining what that means, and a minor in English lit.
  • I am currently pursuing my Master’s of Divinity at Duke Divinity School. Don’t ask me “what I’m doing with that” just yet.
  • I like lists.

6 thoughts on “who is this?

  1. antonia – just found you via a deeper story! loved that post. also – I’m a Baylor alum, I know your degree {and some of your professors} well, and just looking at your categories, I’m going to follow your blog immediately. 🙂 happy Sunday!

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  3. So glad I signed up to follow your blog. I would love to do a theology major! At the moment I’m teaching ESOL and study skills to first year theology students and working alongside their studies is a good second best for now. If I ever earn any money from my new career as a person centred counsellor I shall definitely study more. Meanwhile I buy books, explore faith and community.

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