on color: a repost.

This post from last summer–another time, another blog–makes me laugh a bit at Past Antonia and her writing. Nevertheless, I needed to read her today, from months before I read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts and before I wove in words like “icon” and “sacramentals.” Today, my prayer is to be surprised again by His signs of steadfast love, like color, friendship, and food, and that you may as well.

For me to say that color is a big part of my spirituality might put you off a little, though it may not surprise you. If you are on one side of things, you might say that this is “hyperspirituality,” and pretty soon, everything and anything will be “holy,” right down to picking your nose. On another side, you may say that it is idolatry, or pantheism, or something like that.

And, well, as with most things important to one’s spiritual life, I struggle to keep things where they should be.

But disclaimers aside, this is what color is to me–

a sign of Grace. a sign of Love.

I’m finding that the more I discover, the more I unfold, the fewer words I have to describe things like ‘Grace,’ miracles like ‘Love.’They are big words. They are brimming words, words that throb when you pick them up and hold them in your hand.

But anyway, colors are just so lavishly given, aren’t they?

It reminds me of a friends favorite saying about food: “God could have just designed us to be hooked up to a gas pump or something and get nutrients in our armpits. But He didn’t.”

But He didn’t. And that makes me think of things like Grace and Love.

I don’t know what the equivalent would be to color. I’m sure scientists could tell me that our brains need it to keep us safe, as sensory communication, something. Me no talk science good. Me watch Planet Earth and Disney Cats.

Maybe. I don’t think that threatens the beauty of it, though.

It is yet a gift.

More than once, it has been the deep purple of a favorite shirt, the rich green of trees, the grey-blue of my own eyes that has pulled me out of despair, as whispers of hope, tokens of love, causes of praise, reminders of the One who gave them.

I know this isn’t the same for everyone–my friend Erica takes butterflies to be those signposts to the Giver of all good things, and even I have other examples–squirrels and quail are reminders of joy, and don’t even get me started on the spiritual experience a good meal (especially with good people!) can be.

Or, this may not make sense to you at all. I get that.
But I hope maybe you start to notice things like color, or food, or music, or friends as gifts, as glory, and are pointed to their Giver, the Glorious One.