new mexico, my first church.

“But…isn’t it just desert?”


People are often a bit confused at why I love this place so much, and sometime (probably soon), I will wax poetic/nostalgic about it.  This place is as much in my family as they are in it. I am here all week with them, so writing may be a bit sparse.

For now, I will give you a piece of the sky, and tell you that this it is here I met Him first. 





and here, a poem from Maril Crabtree, written in honor of the state’s 100th anniversary this year:

New Mexico Sky

Looks like you could climb into its lap
and disappear. The stark blue arcs down
to meet brown desert, yellow-bloomed chollas

and all the room you need to breathe.

Feathery fringes of clouds –
a single breath could suck them up.
If this blue haze were liquid

I would be drunk with lapping