i am tired of saying

“I don’t know.”

But I am not even so tired of the uncertainty.

I am more scared of my mouth’s shape

when I say those three words

[what a friend once called my perennial state],

and I think they hang ugly, always about to fall.

If it was just the two of us, plus a select few,

maybe it would be simpler. [Or so I say].

I would be more at ease with this cloud

of unknowing, this platform between trains.

[Maybe I would even stop saying between,

and just call it life.] Instead I reduce, reuse, repeat

the same old phrases, with that same old shrug.

All at once, I do not want my throwaway answer

to be the end of it–there is more to say–but then

I am tired of saying “I don’t know.” So maybe,

smiling, I will just say nothing, at least for now.


today’s string of words is part of the life: unmasked series, in which bloggers have a chance to be [more?] honest in their writing.

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