nothing hurt that couldn’t heal [over at Alise…Write!]

Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing a piece of story about Alia and me at Alise’s space today. I have long loved Alise’s blog, and the way she writes about friendship is healing and inspiring. (you can check out some of my favorite posts on this here and here.)

So, I’m quite honored to be talking about friendship over there today, as it relates to differing kinds of faith within relationship (though Catholics and Episcopalians are probably more like oranges and tangerines than apples and oranges. Or apples and Grapples? …anyways.)

Some parts were hard and humbling to write, like this piece of old belief:

You see, Catholics, had faith—maybe–but faith misplaced. They were, well, theatrical at best, conjurers at worst, which was most of the time.

but at most points I just found myself shaking my head in gratitude for what a wonderful friend I have.

[She had told me once, patiently, that there was a distinction between doing something for someone and because of someone, but it wasn’t until I saw my own life that I understood.]

Click here to read the rest.

but as an oh-so-special bonus, over here I’ll share some then and now pictures. You’re welcome.

2003. braces and crazy hair.

High school graduation. Don’t you think for a second I’m the weird one. //photo by Taylor Blackall

treehugging in Santa Fe. yup. smize? // summer 2009

we’re a *little* more adult now? // March 2013

Here’s to the first ten and at least ten more, Alia. Times ten. I adore you, joon.



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